Cold Off the Presses: How Organic, Cold-Pressed Facial Oils Can Replace Your Moisturize

Jun/11/2019 / by Sophia Ruiz

Organic cold pressed skin oils can replace your regular moisturizers and help skin glow. As more consumers turn to natural alternatives in the household products and other goods they buy, these preferences are slowly trickling into the beauty industry. With such all-natural options, one question always surfaces: Are they as effective as their synthetic counterparts?

When it comes to organic, cold-pressed oils, the answer is a resounding yes! These powerhouse natural skin care solutions contain everything your skin needs to heal, thrive, and glow.

Your skin is made up of proteins and fats, namely fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol. If these components become depleted (e.g., from harsh cleansers, environmental damage, and over-exfoliation), it can degrade the integrity and health of the skin and its protective barrier. In these cases, free radicals can promote the appearance of aging and even the eruption of acne. Thus, the central goal of a skin care routine should be maintaining the health of the skin.

Organic, cold-pressed oils can accomplish exactly this. The fatty acids that constitute these facial oils feed skin with the building blocks it needs to renew itself, while acting as a superficial barrier to lock in hydration. By mediating moisture in the skin, oils can guarantee its proper function and health. This is in addition to the role of linolenic acid, a primary fatty acid found in plant oils, which alleviates redness and heals the skin.

One of the components of botanical oils, Vitamin E, is a potent antioxidant with a wide array of benefits to the skin. Some of the most important are reduced sun damage, wrinkle prevention, and redness relief.

In addition to their already strong antioxidant activity, plant oils also contain high levels of phenolic compounds, which neutralize pro-aging free radicals. Virgin olive oil and grape-seed oil are two examples of those that are the highest in phenol content oils.

Taking all these benefits into account, cold-pressed, organic oils on their own can provide all of the nutrients needed for skin health and an #instaworthy glow.

To maximize the benefits of botanical oils in your skincare routine, look for oil that is high in linolenic acid and antioxidants. The oils that meet the criteria? Rose hip seed oil, olive oil, hempseed oil, pomegranate seed oil, and grape-seed oil top the list.

Conventional farmers use pesticides that can contaminate the purity of oils extracted from their seeds and fruits. Additionally, the chemical solvents sometimes used to extract oils from seeds can adulterate the final product.

Cold-pressed, organic oils are free of pesticides and solvents, and retain all of the beneficial nutrients present in the seeds and fruits used for production, making them ideal for use on the skin.

Organic, cold-pressed oils bolster skin health and appearance with their fatty acids and nutrients. For aging prevention, skin healing, and moisture retention, quality plant oils are the perfect, all-natural moisturizer substitute as part of a your healthy skin care routine.

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