Pakistani Fashion Designers That Should Be On Your Radar

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Pakistani fashion designers
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Pakistani fashion designers

The Pakistani fashion scene has been gaining popularity and attention in recent years. Every part of the world offers something unique regarding style. A few famous designers create visual narratives that appeal to most people in Pakistan and beyond.

There are a lot of traditional techniques with creative contemporary twists, exceptional detailing, and other seductive styles that define the industry. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you are always looking for new inspirations. Here are the top Pakistani designers that are acing their game.

1. Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari created his brand around 2001, and it has been doing incredible over the years. He is from a carpet-weaving family, which might have influenced his path into the fashion industry. He is among the pioneers of modern bridal wear in the country. He uses a lot of vibrant colors in his designs which helps set him apart from other designers.

You can easily guess a Nomi Ansari piece because his taste and style are that distinctive. He knows how to fuse unique embroidery with traditional elements to make unique modern cuts. The color balance and print design are impeccable. He encourages women to mix contrasting isolates. His line has casual and formal clothing.

Nomi Ansari is also one of the first Pakistani designers to encourage men to explore some unique colorful clothing. Most couples go to him for wedding attires. He has become one of the most renowned designers in the region. Some of his trademarks include crystal embellishments. The king of color is dominating the upscale fashion. He went to the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. You can’t talk about Pakistani fashion designers and fail to mention Nomi Ansari.

2. Hassan Shaharyar Yasin (HSY)

Hassan is one of the best designers in Pakistan. He has been in the fashion industry since 1994. He is a bridal couture expert and has created amazing bridal wear. Several HSY outlets are running successfully across the globe. He has worked as a choreographer as well in many fashion shows. Hassan has specialized in formal and bridal wear; his clothing lines are gaining popularity daily.

HSY has a jewelry line and a lifestyle range with furniture, home accessories, and soft furnishings. His ethos is to retain eastern elements that continue the rich Pakistan tradition. Luckily the elements he incorporates in his designs translate globally. That’s why people from different cultures can appreciate his work.

The high-end fashion brand is prominent in Pakistan; that’s why most locals view the brand as one of the best in the country. You can detect some recurring themes when looking at his wedding and formal creations.

3. Maria B

The Maria B label started as a small stitching unit in Lahore, and it has grown to be a force to be reckoned with in Pakistan. Her expansive approach is what makes her stand out in the fashion industry. She has some of the most exquisite womenswear pieces. She started the brand to make designer clothes affordable for everyone. Women appreciate her attention to detail and the unique styles she manages to create every time.

Maria Butt has also specialized in Kidswear. She released two famous perfumes that are part of her brand. You will also find some clutches, jewelry, and other fashion pieces as part of her fashion line. She has more than twenty-five outlets in Pakistan, and she also sells to other countries. She stays relevant because her clothes are unique, fun, and trendy. Maria B is always aware of the latest fashion trends.

Her new winter collection is also doing great. There are many types of clothes she is known for, including evening, casual, and bridal wear. Some of her works include beautifully stitched angrakhas, among other intricate details. The diverse collection includes ready-to-wear ranges like cotton and lawn. You will find many things to explore if this is the first time you hear of Maria B.

4. Zainab Chottani

Zainab Chottani started a long time ago in the industry, but her first bridal show was in 2010. She is pretty new to the game, but she deserves all the attention for her work in the bridal sector. The bridal line is what gave her the spotlight, but in 2012 she ventured into casual ready-to-wear clothing. Today she is ranked among famous Pakistani designers. You can find the latest formal women’s clothing trends in her collection.

Zainab Chottani has displayed her work in USA, London, and Dubai. There is no denying the success she has achieved when she has been in the fashion industry. The Swarovski line is one of the unique things she offers. The collection uses Swarovski stones rather than local ones. She can alter everything from the color to the design depending on what the client wants. Customization is something most clients appreciate.

5. Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is a well-established designer and actor in Pakistan. He remains one of the most influential people for revolutionizing the face of menswear in the country. He is also a cultural ambassador of the country to Malaysia and China. For a long while, Deepak only used to make Pret clothes. But since he dipped his toes in the wedding sector, he has become one of the best bridal designers in the country.

Like most Pakistani designers, he incorporates traditional elements with contemporary aspects in most of his designs. His brand also includes accessories and women’s clothes ranging from formal to evening dresses. He secured a spot in Guinness World Records with the largest Kurta. Deepak Perwani’s work has received many awards. He initially started making luxurious dresses and participated in many local and international shows.

Today you can find some cool and edgy designs in his collection. He has become one of the men’s brands that create out-of-the-box pieces. There is nothing from his line that seems ordinary. If you don’t know who he is, it’s about time you check out some of his works.

6. Zara Shahjahan

Anyone who appreciates authentic Gara embroidery should know Zara Shahjahan. Her brand is all about everything vintage. But there are some contemporary pieces, although that’s not what she specializes in. Zara believes in wearing one’s culture and history. You will notice a spectrum of traditional embroidery in all her work. Her work is known in the field of formal and fancy attires.

Her design career started in 2004, and she has achieved so much in the industry. Some soothing tones are recurrent in her pieces. Beige, maroon, rust, and bronze define her designs. She can create a perfect cocktail sari for you. However, most designs in the collection are meant for occasional use. For everyday wear, you should find another brand.

There are barely famous designers in the country without bridal lines. Zara Shahjahan also shines with her bridal collection. Some of her designs are inspired by nature; you will notice birds and flowers on the clothes. She undoubtedly has one of the biggest luxury brands in Pakistan.

7. Bunto Kazmi

The Kazmi name is well known in the Pakistani mold and clothing industry. Bunto Kazmi took the fashion company from her mother-in-law. The company was already successful, but her impact brought in more success. Her creations usually pay homage to the Mughal era. The clothes give an unusually solid Pakistani treaty impression. You won’t see Bunto Kazmi creations on the runway often.

You have to wait until a bride is wearing one of her dresses. Most of her creations feel very new every time you lay eyes on them. She works closely with her clients, especially brides. She asks about their favorite cut, color palette, and the design they usually gravitate towards. That is how she can customize these bridal pieces to perfection. Bringing back part of the Mughal fashion made her a force in the industry.

She understands the art of increasing the beauty of color with perfect contrast. One more fascinating thing about her bridal collection is they are easy to carry. Her creations are something most upcoming designers look up to.

8. Shehla Chatoor

Shehla Chatoor studied in the US and returned to Pakistan after graduating, and that’s when her career in fashion design started. After designing her wedding outfit, people could not get enough of it. They started requesting her for one that looked like it, and within no time, she was a full-blown designer. Now she is everywhere, from contemporary casual wear to intricate trousseau. Her diverse talent has graced many fashion shows in the country and internationally.

Her trademark started showing in her 2014 Samsara collection. It included lightweight, luxurious fabrics used to make dresses, saris, and long skirts. From the get-go, you will realize that the designs are modern, but after keen interpretation, you will also realize there are a lot of traditional elements in them. For example, she uses old embroidery methods.

The idea of creating timeless pieces that even generations to come can appreciate is commendable. Chatoor also has an exclusive costume jewelry line. She aimed to create affordable alternatives for high-end jewelry. She uses semi-precious stones and creative patterns to make eye-catching pieces.

9. Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan is not your typical Pakistani designer. He wanted to reinvent fashion in the country, but that did not start until 1994, after coming back from the US. Amir launched his first jeans collection in the US. But after returning to the country, he started redesigning the Sherwani, which has been his focus ever since.

His vision was to restore the Sherwani lifestyle visible among primitive rulers and Maharajahs. He took a different path from the rest of the designers, and it paid off big time. His name is now mentioned among the best Pakistani fashion designers. He makes a lot of formal clothes for dinners and other similar functions. He wants to make clothes appropriate for different events like weddings and formal dinners.

FAQs about Pakistani Fashion Designers

Top 5 Pakistani Fashion Designers?

Nomi Ansari
Hassan Shaharyar Yasin (HSY)
Maria B.
Zainab Chottani
Deepak Perwani

There are plenty of insightful designers in Pakistan, but these five are well established locally and internationally. Their fashion work speaks for itself, and they have perfected the art of merging modern contemporary styles with traditional Pakistani designs. If you want to narrow down the list of designers, these are the five you should be focusing on.

Who Is The Number 1 Fashion Designer In Pakistan?

There are many opinions regarding the best overall designer. But Hassan Shaharyar Yasin (HSY) seems to be the one most people agree on. Everyone has their moments of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to fashion. It’s all about what you are looking for at the moment. HSY has accomplished a lot in the Pakistani fashion scene. That’s probably why most people consider him the best. However, all the names on the list have something unique to offer.

What Type Of Fashion Is Nomi Ansari Famous For?

He is famous for creating stunning dresses of every type. Every year his popularity grows because he can successfully run different clothing lines. You will find formal and casual clothing from his collection. Nomi is a well-rounded designer who knows how to play to his strengths. He makes occasional wear, luxury Pret, and exceptional wedding outfits. His studio, which started in 2001, now houses four major brands.

Final Thoughts

Fashion is more than clothes; it incorporates many elements. These Pakistani Fashion designers have grasped the meaning of fashion. They make exquisite pieces that grace fashion magazine covers, luxurious weddings, and many other occasions. Whatever design you are looking for, you will find it with one of these designers.