Partnering with the SEEMA Network gives you a unique opportunity

Based in New York, SEEMA Network is a dynamic platform showcasing a monthly digital magazine and a Sunday TV Show empowering South Asian women globally. SEEMA Network has established itself as a premier platform that caters to the interests, aspirations, and needs of South Asian women in North America and across the globe.

Our engaged and vibrant community is eager to discover brands and products that resonate with their lifestyles. Partnering with us could give you a unique opportunity to tap into this dynamic audience and drive meaningful connections with potential customers.


​​At SEEMA Network, we are building a wide community of successful South Asian women, supporting and stimulating entrepreneurship, curating specialty products made by women-owned businesses, and investing in the next generation of women leaders. We believe partnering with people and brands with similar mindsets and target audiences will enhance our mission to connect and empower women of Indian origin worldwide.


​​SEEMA Network offers many exciting ways to collaborate and grow together.

  • Advertorial content/Paid partnership
  • Visibility partnership (digital, newsletter, TV)
  • Events for brand partnership
  • Merchandise collaboration


The SEEMA Network team will advise and assist you on the best strategy and approach for a meaningful and successful partnership. Your brand, product, and/or service will be presented and marketed to the SEEMA community, our readers, and our followers in the right way, ensuring high-quality content, wide reach, real engagement, raising of your brand awareness and positioning on a global scale, and differentiating you from your competitors in a unique way. Once the partnership plan is mapped out, the SEEMA Network team will execute your vision using the right tools. We’ll stay connected throughout, and rest assured our team will assist you with everything and anything you need – from creative direction to content writing and receiving regular status updates on the whole operation.

For information on Sponsorships & Partnerships

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