This Holiday Learn to Party in Place

Dec/09/2020 / by Bindu Gopal Rao

Come December and there is a palpable sense of cheer. This year it may muted a bit by the pandemic but there is more reason to celebrate and have a good time at home. We tell you about some holiday party theme ideas and virtual Christmas party ideas here. Read on.

Party Eats

This Christmas, why not give a healthy twist to the season’s festivities? Well, if that is on your mind, try immunity building and super delicious Party Popsicles.

“Take a bit of slices of strawberries, raspberries and a tall glass of water. Mold the berries to the bottom, then grab a hold of Chicnutrix Glow and Chicnutrix Super C, easily available online and combine both to add an abundance of vitamins and nutrients to this tasty treat. Freeze the concoction for an hour and enjoy a delicious holiday dessert. What’s amazing is its vegan and sugar free too and you will light up the room with your glowing skin,” says Shilpa Khanna Thakkar, founder of Chicnutrix. And there you have it: a super holiday party theme idea. Or you could simply buy the organic popsicles from Goodpops.

Guzzle It Down

The virtual party is a digital get-together where people meet virtually or online using video conference platforms like Zoom or Google Meet and share cocktails, play games and have fun. Cocktails, music, games and most importantly friends – that is all you need to have a zoom party while maintaining social distancing. But arranging all this can be a lot of work and you might probably end up doing nothing.

“What if someone arranges live music, cocktails and games for you and your friends,” asks  Vrinda Singhal, founder of Swizzle, India’s only company to deliver cocktail kits at home. “Swizzle, a fresh, yet ready-to-drink cocktail brand, has this concept of virtual parties featuring live music, games and obviously cocktails. We offer a multiple location cocktail kit delivery service to host successful parties while maintaining social distancing.” Or you could simply log on to Cocktail Courier to order your cocktail with a recipe as well.

Swing It

The best way to enjoy the holidays is a Digital Disco with a DJ.

“A virtual party with a DJ playing all our favorite dance numbers which will make us groove the night away,” says Lavang Khare, senior vice president at Adfactors PR. “It will be a coming together of friends in what better way than with the dance and music and food we love? The food of course will be shared virtually. But the fun will be that there is a theme and snacks decided in advance – dancing coffee, tipsy punch, lazy bean burger, frizzy corn cutlets, dancing chicken in teriyaki sauce and, most important, a festive online jamming session to finish the entire celebration.” Certainly, a great virtual Christmas party idea.

Cook Together

According to Saru Mukherjee Sharma, mom blogger and digital content creator, Diapers & Lipsticks, “You can host a virtual cook-off. Get the same ingredients, set up a timer, set some ground rules. All you need is culinary skills and a stable internet connection. Cooking games are super fun and cooking virtually is great fun. Cook something you are already a pro at, or try your hands at something new. Trust me, this will be so much better than those potlucks. Or you can just Zoom over good old games like Bingo, Tambola or Housie. They are equally fun even if they are hosted virtually.” Just use your creativity this season and you can come up with many virtual Christmas party ideas as well as holiday party theme ideas. After all the fun in a party is planning it right. Stay safe and stay home – but party on.

These are some ideas for quarantine parties by Aashumi Mahajan, co-founder of The Luxe Maison, India’s premiere haute couture e-boutique:

  • In cities and small towns, terrace parties of limited people have gained popularity
  • Netflix parties work in cities.
  • Create videos for birthdays and watch them together from your respective homes.
  • Hold Zoom card parties.


  • Shake elbows instead of hands.
  • Keep hand sanitizers handy, and soap, paper towels, tissues and spare masks at the ready.
  • When you send invites, list precautions. At the entrance put up a sign with the precautions listed again.
  • Keep outside eatables to a minimum.

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