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Passion For Art

Sep/03/2023 / by Bindu Gopal Rao

Sapna Kabra holds the ethos of design close to her heart

South Asian woman in white salwar kameez and colorful dupatta
Photo courtesy: Sapna Kabra

Sapna Kabra is the founder of Siroi Lifestyle store in the coastal state of Goa. As a platform for Indian artisans, Siroi promotes their creations and provides them the freedom to pursue their journey in art as their creations make their way to modern households. 

The Beginning of the Journey 

As a child, Kabra was always inclined towards art and painting, especially towards abstract art. Passionate about design, she pursued a career in textile design. She then decided to gain expertise in fabric painting by making curtains in the initial days of her career and was honored with the state of Maharashtra’s recognition for her textile inventiveness and textile printing. Kabra also learnt interior design, and further honed her skills by learning fashion design.

If you thought that packs a punch, there is more. “As an artist and designer, I have developed the ability to blend contemporary art in the most striking and unexpected ways,” Kabra says. She started by designing her children’s room, and then her home. 

Using Mixed Media and Variety of Themes

“I strongly believe in sustainability and have been working towards it for a long time by recycling discarded furniture and cloth pieces and transforming them into artistic creations,” Kabra says. She also uses metal, wood, and glass in her abstract paintings. “My paintings depict a story of human relationships, women empowerment, and historical significance of human civilization,” she says.

Kabra is also known for her three-dimensional murals, her strength being the color combination. She often uses the fine arts of painting, sculpture, molding, and carpentry to bring them to life. “It is not just the forms, colors, and media but I often use texture and dimension in making 3D murals,” she explains. “Earlier, artists focused on 2D paintings, while only a handful of objects were made into three-dimensional art.”

New Ventures

Being an art aficionado, Kabra blends different hues in striking and unexpected ways. She started her textile brand Sapna Kabra Art Studio in 2010, aiming to focus on fashion design. But gradually she felt an inclination toward curating rare objects. “I also started enjoying traveling and met artisans across the country. I was quite interested in connecting with them.” 

Kabra’s objective soon became to develop a platform to Indian artisans and encourage them to hone their talent and provide them with a livelihood. This led her to start Siroi Lifestyle store in April 2022.

Supporting Artisans

The Siroi Lifestyle store is an extension of her art studio and was started with the sole objective of promoting art and beauty. “I chose Goa as the perfect place to house my studio as people gather in large numbers to explore something new and unique. Goa’s rich cultural heritage provides an amazing location for art and artists to showcase their potential in the true sense.” Incidentally, the store is in a villa that was owned by the Miranda family that she redesigned.

The store features a carefully curated selection of home décor, accessories, and art pieces, all of which are handpicked from across India and different parts of the world. Each product reflects quality and attention to detail. 

In the future, Siroi plans to provide much more to these talented but economically challenged artisans, such as promoting selecting an artist of the month, promoting artisans online and conducting workshops to upgrade their skills.