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Peach Fuzz In Your Home

Jan/28/2024 / by rashmi-gopal-rao

Infuse a touch of the color of the year

Green plant in a vase against peach fuzz wall
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As a fitting color for the stressful time we live in, Pantone announced peach fuzz (PANTONE 13-1023) as the color of 2024.  Peach fuzz is a delicate hue that conjures feelings of nurturing and comfort and serves as a reminder for us to slow down.

A shade that evokes calmness and connection, peach fuzz can work wonders in your home.  “The choice of peach fuzz encapsulates a profound shift in our approach to spaces within our homes,” says Hardesh Chawla, Principal at Essentia Environments.  “The color signifies a deliberate choice to create interiors that symbolize a longing for connection and empathy.  It speaks of a desire for comfortable spaces that evoke feelings of compassion and togetherness, encouraging moments of quiet reflection and shared joy.”

Versatile, Yet Elegant Shade

Peach fuzz can be incorporated in a plethora of design styles and décor sensibilities, and fits seamlessly into various spaces. The color adds warmth and softness, along with vibrancy and sophistication. 

“Introducing peach fuzz into your home sets a welcoming tone, whether subtly through throw pillows or boldly with an accent chair,” says interior designer Misbah Kapadia, founder and curator of Design Konstruct.It complements neutrals like creamy whites and various beige tones.” The interior designer also suggests using rugs to infuse a distinct character into any space.

An Inviting Living Room

An accent wall in peach fuzz creates an inviting ambience, according to Reshma Chhabria, founder and creative head, HIIH. “Consider painting one wall in the foyer in peach fuzz to create an inviting ambience. Alternatively, a Peach Fuzz colored runner can add visual interest,” she advises. 

When it comes to the living room, drape peach fuzz throw blankets over sofas or chairs, and use accessories like candles and ceramics on the shelves to add a pop of color and a vintage vibe. 

A Stylish Sanctuary

According to Kapadia, peach fuzz in the bedroom can be transformative. “Consider using it in bedding sets, curtains, or even in small details like lampshades or a cozy rug,” she says. “Wardrobe doors or a statement headboard in this color can create a serene yet elegant space.” 

Luxe Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to use the color in the form of table linen, place mats, or tea towels. You can also use peach fuzz-colored storage baskets or containers for a practical yet decorative touch. Or go a step further with updated kitchen cabinets.  “Peach fuzz kitchen cabinets add understated luxury,” explains Kapadia.

Style Cues

Peach fuzz is easy to adapt across spaces in the home. “Use peach fuzz strategically to counter the starkness of modern, tech-centric spaces, using it as an accent color rather than a dominating tone,” says Chawla. “Further, the color’s versatility is finding applications in bathrooms or closets, transforming these often-overlooked spaces into serene retreats.”

Pair peach fuzz with neutral colors like white, grey, or beige to maintain balance and prevent the space from feeling overwhelming or over the top. Be mindful of clashing with bold colors that might overpower its calming effect. 

Avoid excessive use of peach fuzz in spaces intended for high activity or constant movement to prevent visual clutter.

Further, incorporate natural elements like plants and wooden furniture to complement the warmth of Peach Fuzz. “Do not be afraid to layer different shades of peach fuzz to create depth and interest. The key is to find a balance that suits your personal style and preferences while creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere in each space”, says Chhabria. 


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