Cozy & Romantic Picnic Date Ideas

1 year ago / by Team SEEMA
Picnic Date
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Ever wonder how to make a date more romantic and fun? You can turn a day outdoors into a picnic date with a bit of imagination and whimsy. With a setting that inspires, whether surrounded by mountains or the sea or other landscape, you’ll set the stage for romance to blossom. Tasty food and an awesome expanse of nature combine into a memorable time for both you and your date. Whether sharing your culture with someone new or bringing your tradition to the table, a picnic is always a great way to be together.

Boy-friends or man-friends: If you are reading this, why not surprise her with a picnic date planned for fun, love or whatever? The only thing you will need are some supplies, picnic date ideas, your smile and food and drink.

What do you do on a picnic date?

If you have chosen an inspiring setting (and we hope you have!) you may want to stroll around the area first. Gazing out to sea, watching wildlife or enjoying nature sets the stage for getting to know someone in an atmosphere of calm and peacefulness. Getting away from work and other commitments is important to your well being; it is something your date will appreciate as well. Use your picnic as a time to regroup and let go of everyday stress. Just hanging out (as well as eating delightful foods) can be fun.

What do you bring to a picnic date?

Picnic date ideas will vary with location; however, there are some things that are necessary for a successful time.

Comfortable blanket – can be a covering on the ground or on a table. A vinyl covering protects it from spills.

Cooler – whether for iced tea, lemonade, juice or other beverage, you’ll want them to stay cold.

Basket for carrying – it can be traditional wicker or some other material for bringing the supplies. Something more romantic than plastic bags is the goal.

Plates, knives and forks – they can be plastic or something more impressive. In any case, you may want to eat with a utensil. Remember the environment, and be sure to have bags along for disposal of utensils, if plastic, and other trash after the picnic is over. Caring for the beauty of the environment is part of your own beauty.

See more here for what to carry and picnic know-how.

Some good ideas for a picnic date

Picnic date ideas may include an activity, such as stargazing or kayaking or canoeing along with your picnic. Is there a drive-in movie theatre in your area? The local park is a great setting if you do not live near a beach or in the mountains. Find a quiet spot and explore the nearby area either before or after the picnic.

Live in a city apartment? Does it have a rooftop? Plan a picnic on the roof as the sun is setting. Sunsets and picnics, surrounded by sparkling lights of the city set the stage for a great evening. (In this case, no hiking allowed.)

What are the best foods to bring?

Foods for snacking are always a good choice. Appetizers, side dishes and desserts are easy to pack in containers and ready to eat when inspiration calls. How about those Mango Spring Rolls that you pack and then dip? Or a colourful and healthy Mediterranean salad with tabbouleh?

Fresh cherries, grapes or figs are easier when it comes to fruit for your picnic. Sushi packs easily and can be home-made or take-out. Make a beautiful chutney spread to put on sourdough and top with slices of egg. It’s easy to pack and perfect for hiking or picnicking.

Refreshing and tasty ice teas can go within the cooler.

Your favorite not-messy dishes will be the perfect addition to a great picnic. Want to make the meal less Asian-inspired, with another twist? Try these picnic date ideas for some delicious picnic foods.

Impress your girlfriend or boyfriend on a picnic date

Whether gay or heterosexual, inter-faith or inter-racial, love blossoms when inspired by food and the beauty of nature. Couple picnic ideas are for all who love love and an outdoor setting.

Men who want to impress the woman in their life need not be afraid of surprising her with a picnic date. Don’t cook? Find carry-out (beforehand) that works for a picnic and packs easily. Here are more ideas for inspired picnic fixings if you do not regularly make them yourself.

You might want to bring blooming flowers to make the setting even more romantic! Couples picnic date ideas include anything to make the setting more romantic and less stressful; don’t fret over any of the details.

Some added picnic ideas for a date, as far as things to bring:

• Sunscreen

• Bug spray

• Napkins and wet wipes

• Beach ball, frisbee or game

The ultimate picnic

Romantic picnic ideas are not new. When you choose an inspired setting and do some planning ahead of time, your picnic will be memorable. It will also be memorable because it was successful, whether a rainstorm came, and you had to find shelter, or the bugs got the better of the day.

Even when things do not go as perfectly as planned, the right attitude and appreciation of your date can make the day fun. Romance does not have to be overwhelming; your date may just offer you comfort and support while you try to impress him or her with your culinary expertise or date planning.

Perfection is when you both go home content from a day filled with happy memories of a picnic together. Sharing laughs as well as romance can be the goal of a date, even when romantic picnic date ideas go awry and do not happen perfectly. Sharing culture, food, nature and your unique self can make the most romantic date of all. Who knows where it will lead?