Alifa Bintha Haque and the Sawfish Diaries

Alifa Bintha Haque aims to change the way we look at marine conservation and the fishing industry, one sawfish rostrum at a time.

Pooja Chandrashekar

Biography of Pooja Chandrashekar

Pooja Chandrashekar: Read about Pooja Chandrashekar and her fabulous journey towards building a fair healthcare system. She is the founder and CEO of ProjectCSGIRLS.

Escaping from Afghanistan, as Taliban returns

Ayeda Shadab and Roya Heydari were pioneers in Afghanistan. With the return of the Taliban, they are now exiles for their own safety.

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Changing The World One Award A Time: Varshini Prakash

Dickinson awarded the Sam Rose ’58 and Julie Walters Prize for Global Environmental Activism to Varshini Prakash, general manager and co-founder of Sunrise Movement, a grassroots movement of young people seeking to…