Escaping from Afghanistan, as Taliban returns

Ayeda Shadab and Roya Heydari were pioneers in Afghanistan. With the return of the Taliban, they are now exiles for their own safety.

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mental health

Changing the Mental Health Discussion

This is a banner year for mental health. And Sanity by Tanmoy is one of several organizations working hard to lead that charge.

Anika Govil Has That Desi Connection

That’s what Anika Govil hopes to increase by getting South Asian girls to tell their stories and embracing their “desi identity.”

megha rajagopalan

Megha Rajagopalan: Pulitzer Winner and Woman of the Moment

As the newly minted winner of the Pulitzer Prize for “Investigative Reporting,” here’s the lowdown on the work of Megha Rajagopalan and why she’s the most inspirational woman of the moment.


Kanika Chadda-Gupta: Total Mom Sense

CNN anchor-turned-mompreneur tackles parenting concerns in her podcast Kanika Chadda-Gupta has worn many hats in her lifetime. This mom of three (including twins), hosts “That’s Total Mom Sense,” a podcast about parenting…

Krishna Soma

Krishna Soma Keeps Her Passion for Dance Alive

For Krishna Soma, dance has always been a deep passion in her life. Yet, with many paths to go down, Soma ended up graduating from college with a degree in biology and…

Plant Power! Ambika Hiranandani on More Plant-based Options

Lawyer, animal-welfare activist and Instagram micro-influencer has always known what she wanted to be when she “grew up.” Not merely in terms of her professional ambitions, but also in terms of what…