business woman

Celebrating American Business Women’s Day

September 22nd is American Business Women’s Day, celebrating the accomplishments of women who have done it all and continue to do so!


Passing on the Cultural Baton with Shoonya

Rashi Bahri Chitnis set up Shoonya, an edtech company, to help children learn their languages and culture in an age of technology


Rashmi Patel on What it Takes to Power Her Dream

Interior designer Rashmi Patel does more than simply energize rooms; she turbocharges dreams, those of others and her own In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Guildenstern points out, “The very substance of the ambitious is…


Lopa Patel is an Empowering Breath of Fresh Air

Lopa Patel has been an entrepreneur for over three decades, yet she is, in her words, holding her breath. She explains: “It seems I have been holding my breath all the while,…
Shivaarti Bajaj

Shivaarti Bajaj Takes On Tik Tok with BoxEngage

BoxEngage is India’s answer to Tik Tok, a video-sharing platform, filling the void created when the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps. The virtual platform, co-founded by Shivaarti Bajaj, since rebranding (it…