Fashion Designer

Malini Ramani is using fashion to express her essence

Malini Ramani is best known as one of India’s leading fashion designers. And more recently, as a Kundalini yoga teacher. She tells SEEMA that she hopes to spread her brand of love to help people live their dreams.

You are the daughter of Bina Ramani, India’s first internationally acclaimed designer and one of the most iconic women. How did your mother influence your fashion journey?

My mother has influenced me in so many ways. We grew up watching her fearlessly follow her dreams and pave new paths wherever she went. As far as fashion was concerned…, it was a part of our life. We used to hang around my mother’s stores in New York and Delhi, and grew up seeing beautiful, glamorous people waft into her shops, leaving us awestruck! My mom’s life seemed like a wondrous fairy tale. I wanted to be in the fairy tale, too!

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As fashion designer Ritu Beri strode in the room wearing casual attire and a ravishing smile, I realized that her sense of style extends to her personality, too. But she says she is inspired by life: ”Every new day comes with new ideas, inspirations and dreams.”

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