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Dec/30/2021 / by Arthelo
Kanazawa - places to visit in japan

Welcome to the house of the rising sun. If you are a tourist wanting to experience Asian culture, lifestyle, cuisine, and many more, Japan never fails your expectation. There are many Japan attractions, including the most beautiful places in Japan. The country has a lot to offer to visitors of different tongues and tribes with its traditional and modern feel and appeal. You will never waste your time and resources, for many places to visit in Japan. Not only can you see them, but you can also truly appreciate the beautiful places in Japan.

The following are some of the best places to visit in Japan.


Kyoto - places to visit in japan

Kyoto, one of the best places to visit in Japan, is the heart of traditional Japan, where you can see geisha, one of the tourist attractions in Japan, in brightly colored kimonos. They emerge from teahouses, forests of bamboo, temples, and shrines.

To enjoy much of Kyoto, head to the mountains, an excellent way to start as you find Japan places to visit.

Gion is the place when you want to spot an iconic geisha. Higashiyama has many beautiful temples to explore, and Arashiyama is a traditional neighborhood and home to bamboo groves, temples, and monkeys.

Kyoto is one of the top destinations in Japan. Schedule your visit early in the morning to enjoy more about Kyoto while the temples and other attractions do not yet have more crowds.

Never forget to include Kyoto as one of the places to visit in Japan. Kyoto is one of the famous places in Japan.


Tokyo - places to visit in japan

The ultramodern counterpart of Kyoto is Tokyo. Unlike Kyoto, Tokyo provides your eyes with skyscrapers, noisy arcades, busy pedestrian crossings, experimental youth fashions, and delicious restaurants. Despite that, Tokyo is still one of the best places to visit in Japan. You can eat so well in Tokyo, even the vegetarians.

Tokyo offers many things, including the weirdest activities like themed cafes, sensory-overload shows, and cos-play go-karting. These are things associated with finding Japan places to visit.

There are many things to do in Tokyo.

Tourists can do driving a go-kart on the actual roads. They can wear their favorite character and go insane with so much fun.

Tourists can eat in a tiny restaurant on atmosphere Memory Lane.

If you want a more romantic night in Tokyo, you can gaze at the night sky from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. Do not worry, this activity for fun is for free.

You can walk across the iconic Shibuya Crossing.

Try also to explore the fashions of Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

Go and visit the dazzling Disney Sea and the neighboring Tokyo Disneyland. You can spare two days for that.

There is a bizarre Robot Restaurant show. Get your senses complete.

Finally, you can visit Team Lab Borderless to immerse yourself in the colorful digital art museum.

Tokyo must appear in your itinerary, for it is one of the places to visit in Japan.


places to visit in japan

If your target is to go to places with traditional wooden houses, vibrant shrines, trimmed and shaped trees, and bright red bridges over the river, Takayama has it all for you. After all, this tourist destination is one of the best places to visit in Japan.  

When you find a chance to visit Takayama, do not miss the following activities more optimum fund and excitement.

You can go hiking, enjoy Japan sightseeing in the old town early in the morning when the crowds do not arrive yet.

Morning markets have a lot to offer, including tasty fruits.

Try a delicious snack, rice balls grilled in soy, from a street stall. 

Visit Festival Floats Exhibition Hall for you to see ornate floats.

Traditional thatched houses are abundant in Takayama. Visit the Hida Folk Village to see more of them. 

Finally, you can go cycling through the countryside.

Takayama is one of the places to visit in Japan. Do not forget to place it in your tourist destination and probably include it in the list of beautiful places in Japan.


places to visit in japan

For Japan sightseeing, view the famous Mount Fuji from Hakone. Mount Fuji is one of the best places to visit in Japan and see. This destination is indeed one of the tourist attractions in Japan, and Hakone is one of the best spots of choice for sighting this elusive mountain. If Mount Fuji would not show up as usually hidden by clouds, Hakone has many other things to do in the area.

Mount Fuji can emerge from the clouds above Lake Ashi. That is truly a magical experience for visitors trying to fully view the elusive yet iconic Mount Fuji.

There are a variety of transport options to visit Hakone. You can have the train, bus, pirate boat, and cable car.

When you are in Hakone, never miss the chance to do the following activities.

You can buy a Hakone Free Pass. This pass will allow you to hop on and off all the available transport options on the Hakone Loop.

You have options to see Mount Fuji from Hakone, and you can have it either from the lake or from the cable car.

In Hakone, you can eat a black egg cooked in the hot sulfur springs at volcanic Owakudani.

If you still have time, you can soak in an onsen.

You can stay in a tatami room in a traditional inn or ryokan for your entire visit to Hakone. Not only that, but you will also have time to enjoy an elaborate dinner here. 

If there is still so much time, you can visit the Hakone Open Air Museum and enjoy the outdoor sculpture gallery. Never forget Hakone in your travel destination list for the places to visit in Japan.


places to visit in japan

Though one of the cities in Japan, Kanazawa remains a quieter place compared to a very popular Kyoto. Yet Kanazawa is one of the best places to visit in Japan. You can experience geisha districts with wooden buildings fully preserved in this city, which puts Kanazawa on the list of tourist attractions in Japan.

Kanazawa has one of the most beautiful gardens, a stunning castle, and various art museums ready for exploration. 

Never miss the opportunity to do the following when you are in Kanazawa.

Kenroku-en Garden is one of the top three gardens in Japan. Would you mind paying a visit to this garden and enjoying its relaxing and scenic view?

Higashi Chaya, Kazuemachi, and Nishi Chaya are geisha districts. Here, you can explore the wooden teahouses.

At lovely Gyokusen-en Gardens, you can experience a traditional tea ceremony.

Kanazawa is one of the places to visit in Japan. Do not forget to include this travel destination on your bucket list.


places to visit in japan

Welcome to one of Japan’s temple towns, Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the mountains a few north of Tokyo if you want to have a fantastic retreat from the city. Vibrant autumn colors draw tourists to Nikko, making it one of the best places to visit in Japan.

What is fantastic about Nikko are its temples and shrines, having gates and moss-covered stone lanterns in abundance on the wooded hillside.

In Nikko, the main attraction among tourists is Toshogu Shrine, a vibrant complex with more than one dozen lavishly decorated red and good buildings co-existing with gigantic, ancient cedar trees.

Due to its popularity as a destination for travelers, the crowd in Nikko may overwhelm you, and that is why you may head to one of its solemn shrines.

Visit Toshogu Shrine early to avoid the crowds.

At Futarasan-jinja, you can play games.

Taiyuinbyo needs to be explored.

The serene Takino shrine is the ultimate destination for hiking up the mountain. 

Seize the opportunity to photograph the bright red Shinkyo bridge.

Visit a street stall to munch on grilled rice balls on a stick. That is truly a fun and memorable experience.

Komekichi Kozushi provides the finest and delicious sushi, making it among the ideal places to visit in Japan.


places to visit in japan

Koya-San, another destination staging the traditional side of Japan, is an exciting place to visit. This sacred temple town is secluded, located in the forest-covered mountains of Kansai. It is the best place to experience the life of a monk when you stay in a shukubo or temple lodging.

In Koya-San, you can explore the Okunoin forest cemetery. After wandering around the forest, you can check the simple tatami room at the temple. There, you can soak in the communal onsen bath to destress. After that, you can enjoy the delicious taste of shojin ryori, a vegetarian Buddhist meal.

Start your day right by joining the morning chanting and meditation ceremony with the monks.

Take a detour from Osaka or Kyoto and experience a temple stay at Koya-san. It is a marvelous experience and worth the detour.


Tsumago, a post town in Japan, is one of the best-preserved of its kind. Beautifully-restored wooden inns will make you feel you have stepped back in time. The town has traffic-less streets, and it is a picture-perfect traditional mountain village in the Kiso Valley.

Tsumago was a stop on the Nakasendo Way between Kyoto and Tokyo way back during the Edo period 300 years passed. Part of this trail can be for hiking to the village of Magome for about two to three hours. Sometimes, a typhoon can prevent tourists from doing that. However, the trail is a scenic and leisurely walk during normal weather conditions.


Japan’s first permanent capital, Nara, has much to offer regarding historic treasures, including many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On a Kyoto day trip, you can visit the temples and wild deer in Nara Park.

The place’s main attraction is the Daibutsu-den or Hall of the Great Buddha at Todaiji. Furthermore, it is the massive wooden building in the world. Inside the building is the 15-meter tall gold and bronze statue of Buddha that dates back to 751. Such a big sight, indeed.


Welcome to the memorable Hiroshima where the first atomic bomb exploded and claimed many lives. In your visit to Japan, come to Hiroshima to respect the victims of the atomic bombing at Peace Memorial Museum and Park. Explore this city that once was almost entirely rebuilt after World War II.

You also come to the famous floating torii gate at Itsukushima shrine near Miyajima Island in your visit to Hiroshima.

Taste the local specialty okonomiyaki, a thick pancake of batter, vegetables, and noodles.


Where should I go in Japan for the first time?

As a first-time visitor to Japan, the chance is you might be wondering where to go there for the first time.

Most first-time visitors to Japan want to see Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima, connected by the shinkansen or bullet train system, allowing visitors to travel quickly between cities.

When you are in Tokyo, you can tour the imperial palace; shop in the Ginza district; visit the Senso-Ji temple; stop in the National Museum of Nature and Science; enjoy nature at Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo; wander through the Tokyo National Museum; spend time at the National Museum of Western Art; enjoy nature and art at the Meiji Shrine; visit the Miraikan and Edo-Tokyo Museums; see the view from the Tokyo Skytree; enjoy the collections at the National Art Center; and see a show at the Kabuki-za Theatre in Ginza. There are simply many things you can visit and do in Tokyo.

You are sure you do not want to miss many things in Kyoto. The breathtaking artworks of Kennin-ji are one thing, and there are also colorful “pom-poms” of Yasaka Koshindo. Discover the hidden pubs along Ponchoto’s alleyways. Never forget the crowd-free bamboo groves of Kodai-ji. The tranquil scenery at Daigo-ji cannot be missed out. The quiet laneways of Gion are unique, and the Backstreets of Arashiyama is worth your time. The lush moss gardens of Gio-ji are appealing. The special meaning of Adashino-Nenbutsu-ji is indeed one of a kind and unique. The incredible aqueduct of Nanzen-ji is fantastic. Finally, the hiding in plain sight: Shimbashi will amaze you. Kyoto has many things in store for you.

In Osaka, there are many different things you can do. Visitors can have more fun with the unlimited amusement park rides with two-day tickets to Universal Studios Japan. As you take note of spectacular history, you can do it while photographing seasonal foliage at Osaka Castle. At Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, you can pet a shark after playing with sea lions. Go to Dotonbori and explore Japanese food culture and other things in Osaka. Take an excellent view of Mount Rokko from the Umeda Sky building and Kuchu Teien Observatory. Marvel at the scenic Osaka Bay and Awaji Island while sitting on the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel. You can take a photograph of Japanese architecture in an ancient Buddhist shrine at Sumiyoshi Taisha. Visit Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum to view rare and exotic Japanese art made of woodblocks. During your Tombori River Cruise, float under the neon lights of the Dotombori waterfront. You can take an Osaka bus tour and ferry ride on your Wonder Loop Osaka and Osaka Wonder Cruise. There is a traditional village in Osaka, and you can wear a Japanese Kimono at the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. You can tour a floating garden and photograph Osaka’s skyline from the Umekada Sky Building. As you watch a puppet show at National Bunraku Theater, you can also discover a rare Japanese art form.

Hiroshima is another suggested place in Japan for first-time visitors. Bombed on August 6, 1945, nearly 220,000 people died. But that was from the past. Today, Hiroshima is one of the ideal tourist destinations in Japan. There are many reasons why other tourists choose Hiroshima instead of the capital of Japan. One of the reasons is that hotels in Hiroshima are the best places to stay. They also have delicious Japanese cuisine at an affordable price. In short, Hiroshima has reasonable prices for long accommodation. Hiroshima’s population density is perfect for people who get rid of themselves from the hassles and stress of the crowded metropolitan. The most common destination in Hiroshima is the historical Hiroshima Peace Memorial, a living testament to the atomic bombing in Japan. Hiroshima also has the perfect destination for museum lovers. Museums in Hiroshima make it the ideal destination for museum buffs. Historical architectural wonders are in Hiroshima. Lavish your eyes with the awe-inspiring Japanese architecture. You can also take excellent pictures in the parks of Hiroshima. The city also has the best festivals in all seasons. Finally, couple your retreat to the city with relaxation at Hiroshima’s best hot springs.

Is Japan expensive to visit?

Compared to places like Singapore, the UK, Australia, London, France, and Italy, Japan is less expensive. However, it is pricier than countries in Asia like China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The good thing about visiting Japan is that travelers can choose from a low, medium, to high budget. A single traveler picking a low budget can already prepare 3,500 to 7,800 yen, and two travelers can at least have 7,000 to 15,600 yen. A single traveler choosing a medium budget can spend 8,800 to 18,500 yen, while two travelers need to prepare around 13,600 to 28,000 yen. The high budget may range from over 18,500 yen for a single traveler while over 28,000 yen for two travelers.

Where should tourists go in Japan?

Tourists are expected to go to the places in Japan that are top-rated.

Mount Fuji tops the list. This attraction draws a million people every year, and around 300,000 made it to climb to the top.

Imperial Tokyo is another excellent suggestion for tourists. The attraction here is the Imperial Palace that draws more than 150,000 people just for the New Year greeting.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park receives over a million visitors a year. This historical place will always associate Japan and tourists’ destination together. For many, it is a must for tourists to see.

The historic Kyoto attracts more than 10 million visitors a year, and Kyoto is also one of the most visited cities of Japan.

The Island Shrine of Itsukushima, famed for its Shinto Shrine, receives 3.1 million visitors each year.

Temple City, Historic Nara accepts more than a million visitors each year due to its rich historical buildings and art treasures.

Osaka Castle has 3.5 million visitors famed for its important cultural properties and a flower-viewing spot for residents and visitors.

Chubu-Sangaku National Park and the Japanese Alps, Japan’s highest mountain ranges, are looming over the main island’s center, open to views of millions of visitors in Japan each year.

The Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya draws around 7 million people or visitors annually. See for yourself why it attracts many travelers like that.

Other places suggested for visitors are Fukuoka Castle and the city’s ancient festivals and Sapporo in Hokkaido.

What attracts people to go to Japan?

Like other tourist destinations in the world, tourists have unique reasons to go to Japan.

One reason is associated with its pristine natural scenery. Japan has an ambient like no other, and it is unique by itself, which means it is beyond compare.

The shared attraction of Japan is the iconic scenery of Mount Fuji, and another significant reason people are attracted to visit.

Another essential requirement for travel is the safety of the place. You do not want a travel destination with a higher crime rate. Fortunately, Japan is one of the safest places on the planet, and people go there because of its safety.

Incredible food is also top on the list of the reasons that attract people to Japan. Japanese cuisine is another unique thing about Japan that is simply beyond compare.

Japan is blessed with beautiful temples, shrines, and zen gardens.

Above all, Japan is home to friendly people.

Other than the above reasons, visitors are attracted to Japan because of further reasons such as efficient public transportation, thrilling experiences, festivals, and matsuri, clean country, being a shoppers’ paradise, weird stuff, Sakura, Ghibli, Ghibli, Onsen, and Sento, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Japanese castles, Sumo and sports events, traditional craft and art, unique accommodation, wonder travel tours, and more.

Can I fly to Japan right now?

Traveling to Japan in the pandemic needs to be referred to the prevailing travel advisory update. At the moment, Japan closed its borders to all foreigners following the identification of the new Omicron variant of concern.

Always refer to the recent travel advisory of Japan for more guidance.

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