Places to visit in Peru

Jan/04/2022 / by Arthelo
Tourist Attraction In Peru

As a tourist in Peru or as one planning to visit this tourist destination, the first thought to come to mind is to find tourist attractions in Peru.

There are many places to visit in Peru. You have many choices, so it is essential to find the best places to visit in Peru.

The following list contains the famous places in Peru.

Machu Picchu

Tourist Attraction In Peru

Welcome to the “Lost City of the Incas,” Machu Picchu, a 2,430 meters high in the Andes with well-preserved buildings containing houses, temples, fountains, and baths on top of agricultural terraces and evidence of an irrigation system. This destination is one of those Peru attractions drawing many people every year.  

You can admire the surrounding views from Sun Gate, which is the gateway to Machu Picchu from the famous Inca Trail. Take time to explore and enjoy the views of the enchanting valleys that are visible over Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain.

Come to Machu Picchu through the Inca Trail or the Salkantay Trail to enjoy much of the trekking activity. If ascending on foot is not what you prefer, an alternative, more accessible route by train is available.


Tourist Attraction In Peru

Let us explore the archaeological capital of the Americas, Cusco, one of Peru’s most-visited destinations, as it offers the way to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This city is a cornucopia of culture as it was once the center of Quechua culture in the Andes, making it one of the tourist attractions in Peru.

The city’s main square is where you can find the Plaza de Armas with restaurants, cafes, and churches. If you want to buy colorful handicrafts like alpaca textiles, painted pottery, ceramics, Peruvian dolls, and fresh produce drinks, visit the nearby San Pedro Market. The square is truly the city’s heart.

When you are in Cusco, stroll the city streets and spend hours for their timeless colonial architecture, craft markets, museums, and art galleries. Finally, appreciate the city’s mountains with trekking routes and hot springs.


Come to Peru’s second-largest city that is amazingly surrounded by volcanoes. Arequipa is 2,380 meters above sea level. The town is famous for its well-preserved young teenaged Incan girl sacrificed to the gods in the 1400s. Its mummy Juanita or the Lady of Ampato, is now in the Catholic University of Santa Maria’s Museum Andean Sanctuaries.

Move to the center of the city, and you will find the Santa Catalina Convent, a city within a city because of its charming streets, vibrant buildings, and flowers.

Do not miss the Arequipa’s main square, the Plaza de Armas, as tourists’ initial point to appreciate the city’s shops, restaurants, and old churches.

Arequipa also flaunts beautiful bridges like Puente Bolognesi, possessing combined historical value and scenic views.

Arequipa is a gateway to Peru’s topping the list of tourist attractions, Colca Canyon, the deepest of its kind worldwide.

Do not forget to include Arequipa in the list of your chosen tourist attractions in Peru.

Inca Trail

Care to experience one of the world’s famous treks? Peru’s Inca Trail, one of the places to visit in Peru, will never disappoint you as it provides you the opportunity to wind through the mountains and overpass valleys with captivating views throughout your journey. The hike in this trail can take hikers four days, beginning from Cusco and ending at Machu Picchu, the leading destination.

Experience the adventure of your trek when you pass stone paths and trails that the Incas laid down centuries ago and diverse ecosystems and landscapes. Be prepared to pass by ancient ruins, stepped terraces, alpine tundra, and cloud forest overlooking plunging valleys and towering mountains. Say it. This physical activity is gratifying.  

As a result of its popularity, the trail now has different routes varying in distance and elevations. Travelers need to book beforehand with a tour operator.

Sacred Valley

The valley, an addition to the list of the places to visit in Peru, possessing unique geographical and climatic qualities, is close to Cusco and the ancient city of Machu Picchu. As you head to the place, you get impressed by gorgeous colonial towns, remote villages, vibrant markets, and excellent Incan sites like citadels of Pisac, Chinchero, and Ollantaytambo.

The most popular activities at Sacred Valley among visitors who look for adventure include trekking and rafting to rock climbing. They can also explore the terraced hills above Pisac and browse the village famous artisanal market. Are you up for these activities? Come and see for yourself what Sacred Valley can offer you.

Colca Canyon

Experiencing nature will always provide travelers with a sense of humbling feel. That is what you are going to share with your innermost self the moment you see the depth of the world’s second-deepest canyon with its spectacular scenery that spans over 70 kilometers coupled with its fascinating Andean culture and nature to explore. Colca Canyon should be on the list of Peru places to visit.  

Marvel at Colca’s diverse landscapes, including barren steppe and stepped terraces to steep-sided cliffs and rearing mountain peaks.

One remarkable draw of the place is the breathtaking views of Andean condors that snake above the 3,140-metre deep canyon.


Lima is Peru’s capital and largest city that welcomes almost nine million people. History, food, and culture are attention-drawing features of this sprawling metropolis that conquistador Francisco Pizzaro founded in 1535.

Enjoy the view of contrasting traditional and colonial architecture and orderly slums alongside frenzied nightclubs and bars.

Spanish-colonial churches, cloisters, and monasteries are living proof of a historic three centuries Spanish rule.

Lima is an excellent destination for seafood lovers as the city sits close to the coast. Experience the city’s Peruvian delight like Ceviche offered by some of the most authentic markets and restaurants. 

Make the most of your stay in Lima by strolling through the historic heart of Lima Centro and its craft markets and exploring more of the green suburb of Miraflores with its antique shops and bars.

Finding places in Peru to visit should begin in the city. Do not forget to place Lima on your list.


Overlooking a glorious view of the lakes and island chain is Puno set at an altitude of 3,800 meters. It is a charming hillside port city and a jumping-off point to Lake Titicaca and the 85-plus Uros Floating Islands. 

You can quickly get there in Puno from its neighboring Bolivia and Chile. Souvenirs at the lakeside market are much cheaper than in Cusco or Lima.

As a departure point for the famous floating Uros Islands, Puno is a prime destination among travelers.

Make the most of your stay in Puno by visiting Ilama farm and overnight staying with a local family. Rich in Andean culture, Puno lets you experience an exciting mix of modern and Andean traditions. Up to this day, many women are still wearing vibrant traditional dresses. 


Welcome to Peru’s tricky place to get to, Iquitos, the largest city in the world without road access because visitors can get there either to fly or boat in.

The mix of traditional and modern architecture in Iquitos is remarkable. There is a clear contrast between the wooden huts built on the riverside and the historic architecture of the central plaza.

Visit the Amazon jungle to experience shopping for bananas or crocodile meat at the Belen floating market. The San Juan crafts market has it all for you if you are after souvenirs.

Savor Iquitos with wildlife watching opportunities. Spots monkeys, alligators, and the notorious anacondas on your boat trips. Try also the nearby Pacaya Samiria National Reserve near Lagunas for a chance to spot unusual Amazonian wildlife.

Nazca Desert

Tourist Attraction In Peru

Come and witness the geometric patterns carved into the sandy terrain by the Nazca people. The lines remain uncovered until today due to the dry, windless, stable climate of the Nazca Desert.

The best way to appreciate the geometric patterns is to fly over the Nazca Lines from the air. The other option is to see the prints up close from an observation tower along the Panamerican highway.

Maximize your visit by viewing the ancient aqueducts of the Nazca channels responsible for the survival of cotton, potatoes, and fruit plantations in the desert.


Trujillo - Tourist Attraction In Peru

When you visit Trujillo with its vibrant Spanish mansions, old-but-charming churches, and amiable locals, add more relaxation to your eyes. The city boasts an array of religious temples, burial grounds, and royal residences. Explore more about the history by visiting the 19-century National University of Trujillo. Find the world’s longest mosaic and murals of Huaca de la Luna featuring human sacrifice.

If you have had so much history, plan a visit to the beaches of the resort town Huanchaco.


Tourist Attraction In Peru

During summer, one of the most visited destinations is in Mancora, with its sandy coastline that stretches for kilometers along with one of the sunnies parts of Peru. You have a variety of options for beach resorts in the place. Not only that. The busy street of Mancora has beach bars, seafood restaurants, and nightlife to look forward to when the sun has completely gone down.

Keep away from stress and be part of the main activity of Mancora, which is to stay lazy at the beach. If you are up for more fun and activities, try surfing the warm waters of Mancora. You can also take a seaside stroll from South Beach to Organos. But if you have not had enough yet, spot seasonal dolphins and whales playful with the waves at the main beach, or you can swim with turtles in El Nuro.

If beach activities are already enough for you, then try exploring further when you soak in the hot springs of Poza de Barro.


Tourist Attraction In Peru

The surreal location of Huacachina is its main draw among travelers and tourists. This travel destination emerges like an optical illusion as dunes surround it to form a secluded oasis with palms and trees gently waving over the sand.

Huacachina offers many fun outdoor activities like sandboarding, quad biking, and dune buggy rides.

Create a more memorable experience when you climb to the top of the sifting dunes for spectacular views of the place and its sunsets.

The sweltering heat of the day calls for a welcome break for swimming. After that, find one from the place’s plenty of restaurants, bars, and hotels to unwind even more.

Huacachina has kiosks and shops from everywhere. You can sample its delicious locally produced wines. 

Huascaran National Park

Tourist Attraction In Peru

Visit Peru’s highest peak at 6,768 meters, blessed with incredible scenery and diverse landscapes. Aside from the park’s scenic attractions, tourists visit trekking, mountain climbing, and skiing. Wildlife watching, taking a glimpse of the elusive puma or endangered spectacled bear, is an excellent addition to any daytime activities for an unforgettable experience.

Chan Chan

Tourist Attraction In Peru

If you are an art and history enthusiast, Chan Chan will never disappoint you as it showcases royal compounds home to ceremonial halls, burial chambers, and palaces. Appreciate the lovely geometric designs, marine motifs, and awe-inspiring architecture of Palacio Nik An. 


What is the prettiest place in Peru?

Peru is a place blessed with nature with a beauty that naturally abounds.

Cusco, one of the best places to visit in Peru, is also among the prettiest place in the country. The architecture and the vibe of the site provide a unique Peru setting.

Featured on National Geographic as part of the top 100 places you need to visit before you die. That was the Rainbow Mountain, and it is a naturally colorful mountain because of its weathering mineralogical composition.

Machu Picchu is both the most famous and most beautiful place to explore in Peru. One major attraction of this travel destination is its breathtaking view. See it for yourself by arranging your visit to Peru.

Lake Titicaca is another pretty place in Peru, and it is a fascinating and mystical lake.

Manu National Park is a pretty place because it is an epicenter of biodiversity, a meeting place for the Tropical Andes and the Amazon Basin.

Is Peru a safe country to visit?

With COVID-19, no place on the planet is 100 percent safe for now. Extra precautions and observation of proper protocols are expected from anyone traveling from one country to another.

Overall, Peru is somewhat safe to visit. Travelers need to know that this tourist destination, based on the statistics, has dangers and crimes that every traveler should be aware of.

As experienced by some tourists, tourist hotspots and public transportation are areas where most thefts and pickpocketing occur.

Be sure to have reliable tourist guides when you get there. Always check the travel advisory from your embassy for your protection.

Before you visit Peru, be sure to contact a reliable tourist travel agency, the one that can offer, arrange or organize your entire travel plan for your safety and protection.

Is Peru expensive to visit?

To identify if Peru is expensive to visit, let us hear from the perspective of backpackers. Peru is a cheap place to travel for a backpacker, but tourists need to blow their budget to hike the Inca Trail or get out to Machu Picchu on the train and back.

Overall, travelers agree that Peru can be a very inexpensive destination.

Contact your tourist travel agency to know more about the cost and possible options to save on your travel to Peru.

What is the most visited destination in Peru?

Machu Picchu is the most popular tourist attraction in Peru as it is one of the newly declared seven wonders of the modern world. Since the Inca time and culture, the complex constructions intrigued tourists to visit Machu Picchu, where once the ceremonial center of the Incas.

What is Peru famous for?

Three generic things make Peru famous. The first that makes Peru popular is the adventure that travelers can experience. It would be best to share your Inca Trail’s funny, exciting, and satisfying experience. The second that make Peru famous is the culture. Get back to the time of Inca culture and understand the world and human history more. Finally, you do not want to miss Peru’s fantastic cuisine that is uniquely Peru.

So what are you waiting for? You may discuss with your travel agency now to plan your travel to Peru.