Popular & Best Arabic Henna Designs to Try

Arabic Heena Designs

There is no doubt that Arabic mehndi design and patterns have taken a rage over the past few years. The best thing about its patterns is that they are unique and one-of-a-kind. From traditional to modern, it has a lot of motifs and each of them is ultimate. The designs cover a range of styles including outlines, floral, vine-like, geometric, leaves, swirls, flowing design trails and so on. Moreover, when it comes to the patterns, there are also many–meshwork or jaali, architecture-inspired patterns, check, dot, less intricate, symmetrical, bold, shadowed, diagonal artwork and spaces. That said, this type of mehndi has ample gorgeous styles and patterns. In general, bold and diagonal art are the top choices of the girls.

Another amazing thing about it is that the designs are easy to apply and one can witness stunning half hand henna designs in less than thirty minutes. Now, not only young ladies but modern brides are also counting on Arabic mehndi patterns on their hands as well as on their feet. Clearly, the elegance and minimalistic appeal of this type of henna pattern have attracted almost every lady. The designs are pretty lively and feminine and look great once set.

Well, Arabic mehndi is usually known for its design on the index finger and that design extends towards the wrist and sometimes can go beyond. From the front side, backside, half-hand, full-hand designs, you can pick the one you like. The designs range from simple to complicated and the basic patterns usually contain the recurring motifs, trails, and strokes. The beauty of this type of mehndi design pattern is that if you do not want to fill your hands with overpowering patterns then you can go for the motifs that have ample space. For sure you will agree that Arabic mehndi looks great with spaces. That is why many women pick on Arabic designs for every occasion, no matter how big or small the event is. Also, they are not at all tough to replicate on the hands. Further, women of all ages can consider this mehndi design type without thinking much.

The designs are usually done in jet black colour. In fact, in today’s time, there is a trend of white Arabic mehndi as well. We have covered those patterns too in this post, stay tuned. Let’s move on now.

So as you have landed on this page, you might be looking for the top Arabic mehndi motifs which you can flaunt on your hands. Without any doubt, you are at the perfect place. In this post, we are going to share the best Arabic designs you can count on. Not to mention, these patterns are bound to leave you speechless. But before unveiling the henna designs, let’s uncover every tidbit of Arabic mehndi patterns.

A bit about the history of Arabic henna designs

As the name suggests, it has its roots in Persia and slowly it has paved its way to European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries. This design type is famous in Arab countries like Qatar, Oman, UAE and Bahrain. 

It has gained much momentum in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. The married and unmarried women of these countries love to get modish patterns on their hands. That said, now ladies’ first choice is Arabic mehndi and not the traditional full-hand henna. The designs appear classier, and edgier, and distinctive patterns lend a lively look to them.

From traditional to Arabic mehndi

We all know that mehndi is a traditional form of art and it was basically used in the hands of brides. The stunning art grabbed the attention of almost everyone and since then ladies counted on it at different events. From Holi to Diwali to Eid and of course marriages, women now love to adorn their hands with the iconic henna design. Then comes the Arabic mehndi and it started with the enchanting bold patterns applied by using jet-black mehndi. It was one-of-a-kind and everybody loved the unique patterns. So, this kind of style evolved quickly and many variations popped in. Bold designs, shaded portions, and thick borders are key players in this kind of style. Also, the colour variations such as jet-black, orange, brown, maroon and white, offer a lot of options to choose from. Moreover, one can paste glitter or gems to the hands along with henna if one wants to add little glamour to the hands. That said, Arabic henna offers a variety and that is why it has become a great choice for women of all ages.

Styles of Arabic mehndi design

This type of mehndi style has a range of styles which are discussed one by one below.

The very first kind is the scattered patterns. These kinds of styles as the name suggests are kind of scattered throughout the hand, either in the front hand or in the backhand. They are spread in one direction and contain more space as compared to the other kind of designs. These designs usually have swirls and dots as the center of attraction. Also, this design type takes less time to replicate on the hands and now modern brides go for this style because of the minimalistic appearance it offers.

Another style is free-flowing and it comprises ample patterns such as vines, flowers, birds and leaves. Moreover, this style is nature-inspired, which makes it one of the top choices for women of any age. When compared with the traditional Indian mehndi which is more focused till below the wrist, this type of Arabic design mehndi concentrates more on palms. Now, women, especially the younger ones look for elegant designs and this kind of style offers that only.

Non-intricate is the most preferred style of mehndi design as it takes pretty less time to get on hands, dries quickly and one does not have to keep it overnight. Bold strokes, vines, and leaves are some of the patterns that come in this type of style. There is no doubt that traditional mehndi has delicate intricacies and women do prefer that but Arabic mehndi featuring non-intricate designs wins the show. From young girls to brides to the lady of any age, everyone wants to flaunt their hands with unique and minimalist designs.

These were some of the styles that one can get on the front hand or backhand. Moreover, one can replicate the design on the feet as well and this is one of the amazing things about this mehndi type. Further, whether an individual chooses to go for half-hand or full-hand, the fabulous patterns of this type will surely catch the eye of everyone.

Different types of Arabic henna designs

There is no doubt that Arabic mehndi is different and unique but did you know there are different types of mehndi designs in this kind of henna? Let us now explore it further so that you can go for the one which meets your preference.

Indo-Arabic mehndi: This is the most iconic fusion of Indian style and Arabic style. In this kind, there are bold outlines, which are filled with intricate patterns of Indian mehndi design. The combo of these two creates a fascinating artwork, which makes it an exclusive pattern.

Arabic tattoo mehndi: This type of mehndi has predefined stickers that replicate the Arabic design. That said, these stickers are directly pasted on the palms. So, one can get exquisite mehndi on hand within a minute. These tattoos are not long-lasting but they are very easy to apply and are time-saving as well. Those ladies who are in a hurry and want to get their hands coloured with henna consider this type of mehndi tattoo.

Features of Arabic henna designs

This kind of mehndi design is different because of the plenty of components. Let us now uncover the top features of Arabic henna patterns:

  • This style is less detailed and complicated.
  • It does not take hours to fry.
  • The designs when dried give colours in variations such as semi-dark, maroon, etc.
  • The patterns cover the palm of the hand.
  • It has a variety of designs such as lacy, paisley, flowers, dots, etc.
  • The designs are less intricate and leave big spaces between patterns.
  • The shading effect of the designs is mesmerizing.
  • The designs also include additives such as glitter, gem work, sequins and radium stickers, that make the mehndi more graceful. The glitters come in metallic shades to add shimmer to the mehndi but they do not offer long-lasting effects.
  • Ladies who prefer elegance count on this type of mehndi motif.

Mehndi tips you must know

There are a plethora of things you need to know before, during and after applying mehndi on your hands and feet. We have discussed each of them in detail below.


Make sure you eat something before replicating the mehndi on your hands.

Always count on the daytime as there will be enough natural light and the mehndi artist will be able to focus better.

Wear comfortable clothes like half sleeves so that your outfit does not touch the mehndi.

Clean your hands properly and pat them dry. Do not use any cream or oil on the area where you want to apply mehndi. You can rub eucalyptus oil on your hands or feet as it will help in making the colour of mehndi darker.


Do not drink too much water when the designer is applying the mehndi, otherwise you will have to rush to the washroom and using your hands will not only smudge the mehndi but your clothes will also get stained.

Do not sit in the sun. Prefer a room with good light like mentioned in the ‘before’ steps.

Do not move your hands either way when the mehndi is still wet.


Make sure you have someone from your family who can pay the mehndi artist and take you to the home.

Do not blow-dry your hands as it won’t dry them but would make them smudge. Let it dry on its own.

It is better to apply mehndi in the daytime but if you have applied it in the evening and are going to sleep then sleep on one side and keep your hands out of bed.

Follow one of the tips mentioned in the below section to make the henna darker.

Tips to make your henna darker

First things first! You do not need any chemicals to make it dark. In fact, you can use natural ingredients that are available in your kitchen. Let’s move on now!

Here’s the list of the proven tips for making the color of the mehndi dark. You can follow any one of these tips 15 minutes after applying the henna to your hands. Make sure not to follow all as it won’t help, rather it may ruin your mehndi. So, follow just one tip that you find easy.

  • Take an iron pan, turn on the heat and place some cloves on it. Once the smoke starts coming up, turn off the heat and hold your hands above the pan. Make sure you do not burn your hands or arms but put them away once they begin to hurt a little. You can do this for about 40 seconds and pause and then repeat 2 more times.
  • Lemon and sugar are well-known ingredients that help in darkening the stain. Once the mehndi dries a bit, make the mixture of sugar and lemon juice and dab it on the mehndi with the help of a cotton ball. Make sure you do not rub the ball as it will scrape off the dried mehndi.
  • Remove the dried mehndi and apply mustard oil all over your hands. Do not wash your hands before and after this application. Let your hands absorb the oil.
  • Mix lime powder or chuna with water and apply a thin layer of it on your hands after removing the dried henna. It is vital to note that this tip will work if you have not washed your hands with water at all.
  • You can also boil a handful of cloves in water and place your hands above the pan for a minute and let it cool. Repeat it one more time. Never overdo it.

Do’s and don’ts for making henna last longer

We have already discussed some tips for making your mehndi stain dark but still, there are a few things you need to know to keep the henna colour dark. Mentioned here are some of the tips that will act as an icing on the cake. Read on to know more.

Plan the mehndi session 1 or 2 days before the function as the colour gets darker after a few days.

If you would be applying henna on your own hand then use high-quality henna. Old or open henna won’t give a good colour. Always buy it from a reputable source that is known to provide the finest quality products. Also, henna should be fresh and you must avoid henna that contains preservatives.

There should be no dry spots or lumps in the paste.

Use purified water to make the paste.

Mix the paste in a plastic or wooden container with the same material spoon.

Soak tea or coffee in warm water and filter it. Add this water to the liquid mehndi before the application. It will offer deep colour.

Leave it for longer hours (at least 12 hours) or keep it overnight and do not wash your hands for 16 hours. You can use gloves if you have to take a shower and 12 hours haven’t yet passed.

After removing dried henna, apply mustard oil to make the colour darker.

Do not go for arms waxing, and keep manicure and pedicure appointments away for at least 3 days. If you really wish to remove the hair from your arms then you can count on razors or epilators.

If you have washed your hands mistakenly then you can apply Vicks for 3 to 4 hours.

Never use water to remove the dried henna.

Mehndi seasons in India

Well, women usually get their hands printed on grand events like weddings and on certain festivals such as Karva Chauth, Teej, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, and Holi. But when it comes to applying Arabic mehndi on hands, there is no particular time. That said, these designs are elegant and offer a minimalistic look so young girls and women tend to get the designs on their hands for any small function. In fact, women who swear by mehndi consider getting their palms printed with classic designs any day. The beauty of these designs is that they are applied quickly, and dries easily.

For sure you are convinced that Arabic mehndi is the top choice of women, now you might be willing to check different designs. The wait is over, listed below is the series of selected Arabic black and white henna designs for you.

The list of the stunning yet simple Arabic mehndi designs

Here’s the rundown of the top Arabic henna patterns you can count on without thinking twice. From easy to moderate to tough, you are going to get plenty of designs in one place. Let’s dive in.

Backhand half sun design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Mehndi Training Center via Pexels

This one is the most basic design of Arabic mehndi where half sun flaunts with the mesh design within. It is enhanced with the sprinkled dots and embraced with the small floral pattern. Swirls further accentuate its grace. For any occasion, this simple design would add a dose of charm to the hands.

Curvy design

Curvy design
Image credits: Muneeb Zaidi via Pexels

This full-fledged Arabic henna design will never go unnoticed! It is heavily detailed with thick outlines, and multiple curvy motifs including flowers and paisley. It further has a shading effect within and the design on the fingers itself speaks a lot. Featuring big patterns, this design is ideal for married ladies.

Birds fusion mehndi

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: TranStudios via Pexels

For sure you will agree that this one is the cutest and lovely pattern on this list. The design is a combo of conventional mehndi and Arabic motifs. It displays charming birds, bold strokes, sleek leaves and quirky patterns. The henna on the wrist displays a mesh design along with pretty floral motifs. This fusion is one-of-a-kind and is perfect for any occasion.

Black backhand motif

Black backhand motif
Image credits: EL gringo via Pexels

This design speaks for itself. Isn’t it? It features black henna that showcases spectacular minimalistic design. The motifs start from the index and pinky fingers and extend towards the risk. The dark fingertips give the illusion of a filled hand. This pattern is old but the concept of design on two fingers makes it a modern choice for women.

Simple burst design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Mehndi Training Center via Pexels

If you are looking for a simple yet classy pattern in Arabic designs, then this one is the perfect one for you. Featuring the circles that are surrounded by a similar pattern along with bold dots, this motif ends itself with cute and tiny trios. One can make it easier and that too without taking much time. If you prefer something chic, then go for this pattern.

Minimal finger design

Minimal finger design
Image credits: Denys Gromov via Pexels

This one is a combination of multiple designs but within limits. Boasting the mesh pattern along with a floral motif that is further joined with pretty swirls. Finished with dots on fingers and an abstract design below, this one is all about a beautiful presentation. Without any doubt, this minimalistic design would appear rich once the color sets in.

Pretty Arabic design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Vitaliy Lyubezhanin via Unsplash

This henna pattern is a masterpiece that every woman will surely love to get on the hands. It presents exotic intricate motifs along with rose and floral designs. It does have a dint of paisley swirls that add more class to it. Filled with a curved laced motif, this mehndi design is sure to grab compliments.

Dazzling design

Dazzling design
Image credits: Febry Arya via Pexels

Another exquisite white henna pattern that is sure to become the centerpiece of attraction! It exhibits a mesh motif on fingers and a lace pattern that joins with a mandala. The unique thing about this design is that the mandala is surrounded by a sharp arch. Not only this, the small and glittery gems that are pasted within the arch incredibly accentuate the beauty of this pattern. Anyone can rock this white henna mehndi at wedding functions.

Multi bold mehndi design

Multi bold mehndi design
Image credits: Mehndi Training Center via Pexels

The best part about Arabic mehndi is that you need not fill your full hands. Little bling of awesome pattern looks incredible on the hand, especially on the backhand. Just like this one as shown in the image, where the design showcases the bold pattern along with pretty detailing. Apart from these, the stylish swirls on fingers look so breathtaking. This motif is the perfect substitute for the full hands design.

One-go design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Saba Singh via Pixabay

Ever wondered if you can fill your hand with henna just counting on one finger? This one-go pattern makes it possible! Starting just below the nail of the middle finger, the design displays the layer of curls that move on with the swirls. The paisley and floral motif right in the middle give the dint of elegance to it. Apart from this, the quirky pattern and the finishing touch of layers in the form of swirls make this design one-of-a-kind. You can pick this design without giving a second thought to any small get-together.

Modern yet traditional design

Modern yet traditional design
Image credits: Alberta Studios via Pexels

Featuring similar motifs on both hands, this design is a great example of chic yet conventional art. Where the lovely patterns in the center bring focus to the palms, the ample space set the traditional design on fingers apart from the gorgeous checkered motifs. It has a bit of intricate work, which is an exception in the Arabic henna patterns. This design is ideal for women who wish to have the same design on both hands.

Black bold design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: KALZ via Pexels

Are you one of those who love to stand out from the crowd? If so, then this striking mehndi design is for you. It boasts a black henna pattern that has a thick design overall. Further, the swirls, flowers, dots and mesh fills the hand. The unique thing about this one is that it has a shading effect within the patterns. If you can rock this motif gracefully, then go ahead.

Gorgeous index floral design

Gorgeous index floral design
Image credits: Mehndi Training Center via Pexels

This design is light, fun, looks great and you can make it without any hard work. You just have to start from the index finger and keep repeating a few times. This half-hand mehndi pattern for the back of your palms is a stellar work with bold floral motifs, leaves and sprinkled dots. For women who love florals, this pattern will be perfect for them.

Rose motif design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Qazi Ikram Haq via Pexels

This henna pattern is the epitome of elegance! Boasting the rose jaali, it highlights the sophisticated design that flows on the thumb and pinky finger. This motif has a modern touch, which makes it the top choice for women.

Mandala effect design

Mandala effect design
Image credits: Aidil Bahaman via Pexels

This design has an assortment of mandalas which is quite typical of mehndi design patterns. It showcases the bold fingertips with a patterned look on the ring fingers. Twisted on the opposite sides and enhanced with a dotted thread, this design is simple yet modern. Mandalas are always in trend and they look great on the palms.

Mehndi with font

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Mehndi Training Center via Pexels

Another ultimate design that is sure to grab attention! Featuring the text ‘Ramzan Mubarak’ in the Urdu language, which is encircled with a range of iconic patterns such as paisley, flowers, swirls and bold dots, this mehndi design exhibits a spiritual aura. Without any doubt, Muslim women embrace this design, especially on the Eid or Ramzan.

Leaves laced design

Leaves laced design
Image credits: Aidil Bahaman via Pexels

This design is all about leaves on the fingers of the back of your hands. The petty lace of leaves flows between the fingers and highlights dashing swirls in the ending. The pattern is simple and elegant and you can get this design on hand without thinking twice. Sophistication is the charm of this leaves laced mehndi design and you will never go wrong by choosing this motif.

Stencil type mehndi design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Moaz Tobok via Pexels

This pattern may look like as if the artist has used a stencil. Isn’t it? Well, this is a handmade henna design which is unique in its own way. It boasts multiple motifs on the backhand and its abstract motifs make the design a must-try for anyone who loves to explore new as well as uncommon mehndi patterns. So, are you ready to get this splendid work of art on both of your hands?

Stellar white mehndi design

Stellar white mehndi design
Image credits: Mehndi Training Center via Pexels

If you are among those who wish to try something unique yet modern, then this pattern is perfect for you. It boasts a series of motifs including the vine, paisley, bold leaves and swirls. Not only this, but it also showcases outlines on each nail along with ring-style elegant patterns on the fingers. Having this white mehndi design on the back of your hands will surely grab the attention of everyone.

Circular laced design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: San Diego via Unsplash

Highlighting the incomplete circle with a quirky design, this motif accentuates its beauty with the interlocked laced leaves on the fingers. It is one of the unique mehndi designs that extend the beauty of the Arabic pattern. This one could be the go-to option for any lady.

Arch design

Arch design
Image credits: Qazi Ikram haq via Pexels

From fingers to the wrist, this mehndi pattern comes on the list of creative mehndi designs. It features an arch pattern along with extended motifs on the wrist. Leaves and a dint of mandalas make this design the fusion of modish and traditional. Also, the wide space adds sheer class to this design and sets it apart from other Arabic designs.

 Minimalistic bold design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Mehndi Training Center via Pexels

This is the simplest design pattern you can even flaunt on your hand. It focuses the pattern on the pinky figure only where the abstract design extends towards the wrist. The motifs are bold and the design appears more like a tattoo. The dual effect of this minimalistic pattern makes it one of the unique Arabic patterns every lady must try.

Multi-pattern mehndi

Multi-pattern mehndi
Image credits: Nishant Patel via Pexels

Showcasing different motifs, this design is a sight for the sore eyes. It features paisley finished with an arch that joins the circular pattern. With the bold dots and a touch of traditional mandala effect, this Indo-Arabic henna design is sure to highlight the hands on every occasion.

Arch shaped design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Natalie via Pexels

The list will be incomplete without this architecture-inspired design! The pattern includes arches and a dome shape that brings all focus on itself. The design is simple, easy and abstract as well. Ample space on the backhand makes it look more welcoming. This design is sophisticated and lady of any age can get it on their hands.

Quintessential Arabic bel design

Quintessential Arabic bel design
Image credits: Anastasia Shuraeva via Pexels

It is another amazing Arabic bel design that is simple yet visually appealing. The enchanting swirls flow up and down and embrace a floral motif within. With the touch of dots and small intricate patterns, this one is sure to bring eyes to your hands.

Front hand Arabic bel design

Arabic Heena Designs
Image credits: Mehndi Training Center via Pexels

Exhibiting a lovely play of light and dark strokes, this design is the top choice of almost all the ladies. From paisley to floral patterns to stripes, it has a little shadow effect too. The bold wavy henna strokes offer artsy appeal to this mehndi design.

Wrapping up

These were the easy Arabic mehndi design patterns we selected for you. We hope the list has saved you much time and for sure you have picked the design which you are going to replicate on your hands. These motifs are not complicated and are perfect for any beginner and intermediate, or you get the help of professional mehndi artist. So, are you ready to boast your favourite design on your hands?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of arabic design?

There are mainly two types of Arabic design:
Indo-Arabic mehndi designs
Arabic tattoo mehndi

What are the famous types of arabic design?

Rose motif design
Floral arabic design
Mandala effect design

What are the kinds of arabic design?

 Half-hand design
 Full-hand design
 Front-hand design
 Back-hand design

What is the cost of arabic mehndi design?

The cost of Arabic mehndi design varies on the type, kind and style of design. It can cost you anywhere from Rs.150 to Rs.1500 or more per hand.

How long does it take to apply arabic mehndi design?

The application process may differ according to the speed of individual artists. However, it can take anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on the style of mehndi.