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Jun/17/2023 / by Team Seema
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Deepica Mutyala is a South Asian businesswoman who founded and served as CEO of Live Tinted, a multiethnic community centered on beauty and culture. In addition, Deepica Mutyala is among the top vloggers in the united states.

About Deepica Mutyala

Deepica gained fame in 2015 for a popular YouTube video in which she used red lipstick to conceal her dark undereye bags. Mutyala has since appeared in various media outlets, including CNN.

When Deepica Mutyala collaborated with Mattel to introduce the first-ever South Asian CEO Barbie doll, which was fashioned in Mutyala’s likeness, she was concerned about its authenticity. Deepica had to deal with colorism between her South Asian society and Western beauty standards when she grew up in Sugar Land, Texas.

When Deepica was younger, she recalled coloring her hair blonde and donning blue contact lenses to blend in. As a result, the doll has darker skin and wears a “power red” pantsuit with Indian-inspired bangles and jhumkas (traditional South Asian earrings). All this is to make a point in ensuring everyone feels more seen and accepted for their culture and beauty.

By 2019, Mutyala had incorporated members’ comments to develop the groundbreaking Huestick, a multifunctional color corrector, blush, and many other accessories like lipstick and eyeshadow, all designed with people of color in mind. Deepica raised $3 million from sponsors, including cosmetics icon Bobbi Brown to help in this course.

Live Tinted intends to release a foundation product made “by us, for us, with intentionality.” Mutyala competing against considerably greater industry heavyweights doesn’t dissuade her.


Deepica was born and raised in Texas by her parents, Raja and Padmasri Mutyala. She is also of Southern Asian ancestry. Deepica has a sister, Monica Mutyala Reddy, and a brother-in-law, Dinesh Reddy. Deepica is currently single, having come out from a serious relationship.

Biography of Deepica Mutyala

Deepica Mutyala was raised in Sugarland after being born on July 4th, 1989, in Houston, Texas, in the United States. As for the age of Deepica Mutyala, she is 33 years old. She attended the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Edinburg to complete her education. Her BBA in marketing is her highest credential.

Profession of Deepica Mutyala

Deepica Mutyala worked as a marketing intern at the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation in 2009, and the following year, she interned at L’Oreal USA for the summer. Mutyala also worked at Limited Brands in Columbus, Ohio, the following year as an inventory deployment analyst.

Later, Deepica spent three years as the brand campaign strategy manager at Birchbox. Mutyala rose to fame as a YouTube personality and Beauty Expert in 2015. Her YouTube video became famous in 2015.

Mutyala made an appearance in 2018 during the Academy Awards in advertisements for L’Oreal and Samsung. In the same year, she established Live Tented, a new business that displays a wide range of beauty items.

Deepica live tinted

The first online community committed to inclusive, varied beauty was founded by Deepica. It enables marginalized people to share their unique experiences with beauty, individuality, and culture.

Live Tinted Deepica’s primary goal is to show people that beauty can be a bridge for human connection. A multicultural community offers a forum where individuals can discuss all topics related to culture and beauty. Those discussions may then be used to inform the development of new products.

In her opinion, all of Mutyala’s presentations, product developments, and brand missions are influenced by culture. Deepica’s live-tinted goal is to create a community that takes pride in its heritage. Mutyala frequently emphasizes the traditional values of South Asia.

Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Meghan Markle are just a few well-known actresses Deepica has styled. Additionally, she creates incredible styling tutorials on her YouTube channel.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Deepica divides her time between growing Live Tinted, her channel, and other business endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Deepica Mutyala become famous?

A 2015 YouTube video by Mutyala that demonstrated how to apply red lipstick to color-correct pigmentation on darker complexions quickly went viral. Nearly 11 million people watched the video, which featured more than just a practical beauty tip.

How did Deepica Mutyala start her business?

The majority of cosmetics are not made with persons of color in account. Deepica introduced Live Tinted in 2018 as an online group, focusing discussions on identity and culture to tap into this large market.

Whom is Deepica Mutyala married to?

Deepica Mutyala is not in a relationship as of 2022. Mutyala had at least one previous relationship.


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