Popular Clothing Brands For Women That You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

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Clothing Brands for Women
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Clothes are a way we express ourselves, and it gives us the liberty to represent who we are in some way. Clothing brands for women have undergone so many transformations and has become a way of life for many.

If you want to know more about the best clothing brands for women, then carry on reading. This article discusses some great clothing brands catering for sustainability and other brands that may interest you.


GAP is considered one of the best clothing brands for women as they feature something to suit every woman’s taste. GAP was founded in 1976 by Donald and Doris F Fisher. The store was one of the first to offer affordable and quality made clothing for the middle-class of the United States.

Top Shop

Top Shop is a British multinational retail company that specializes in women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Founded in the 60s, Top Shop sold clothes by young British designers. Over the years, the company grew and now has outlets in Asia, North America and other parts of Europe.


UNIQLO is one of the Japanese fashion brands for women and was established by Tadashi Yanai in 1949. The fashion brand’s long-standing made way for it to grow and become one of the leading clothing brands that sell top quality women’s clothes.

UNIQLO has operations in Bangladesh, Canada, China, France, Germany, UK, Spain, South Korea, USA and Singapore, to name just a few.

UNIQLO competes with stores like GAP and caters to clothing for the family with a large woman’s selection.


Zara is a Spanish clothing brand that began its journey back in 1974 by Amancio Ortega. By 1988 the company expanded worldwide. Today Zara is one of the top brands for women and has a variety of accessories, daywear and footwear.

J Crew

J Crew caters for the whole family but has a prominent women’s line. It is one of the leading clothing brands for women regarding affordability, quality and functionality. The J Crew brand also offers a unique take on denim and t-shirts.

H & M

The popular American women’s clothing brand H & M turns heads when it comes to affordability on quality clothing. From accessories, daywear, seasonal wear, and shoes come this amazing label. Since the company’s H & M’s establishment in 1947, the brand has continued to grow, becoming a favorite amongst many women shoppers. H&M does cater for men and children as well.

Urban Outfitters

When it comes to collaborating fashion and homeware decor, the Urban Outfitters brand fits the bill. Founded in 1970, the company specializes in unique clothing designs and also decor. Having two elements like garments and decor in one space gives shoppers the freedom to shop while saving time on certain purchases. Urban Outfitters also supports equality and inclusivity and are stands with the black lives matter initiative.

Proudly American Ethical Brands

In the fashion world are many challenges, highs and lows. The fashion industry has hit numerous questions regarding sustainable clothing and manufacturing. Many clothing brands for women take pride in a sustainable fashion that supports local American designers.


Lucausa is dedicated to giving back to the environment and the people with low waste and environmental-friendly solutions. Lucausa also has a second-hand shop for even more affordability and repurposing.

Gamine Workwear

Gamine Workwear specializes in work apparel for women. In the Gamine Workwear fashion brands, you’ll find a variety of shorts, smocks, bibs, work shirts, dungarees and thermal wear. The company supports seamstresses based in Texas and supply 100% natural textiles for their clothing range.

Sugar Candy Mountain

Fashion brands for women like Sugar Candy Mountain are committed to sustainable practices that combines beautiful apparel with comfort. With techniques like French seams and only natural materials, garments are long-lasting and easy to wear.

Emerson Fry

For remarkable clothing brands for women, there’s Emerson Fry. The family run company features Boho chic garments all prepared in natural material such as hemp, organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes.

Big Bud Press

For an all-inclusive take on fashion, the Big Bud Press features gender-neutral attire. At Big Bud Attire, you can get unisex bottoms, tops and bags. You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that clothes are manufactured with 98% locally sourced and developed material.

Fe Noel

With Caribbean-inspired prints and style, Fe Noel pride itself in creating amazing fashion dedicated to women. Fe was a self-taught designer with no access to capital but only the loan from her aunt and uncle. She overcame various challenges as she ran her business and has since become a successful name within fashion. Fe started her company at age 19 and having opened her brick and mortar store in Brooklyn.

Fe (Felisha) Noel’s brand is grounded in Grenadian heritage, and the brand’s motto is “eat well, travel often and dress to inspire” Make life beautiful is the main focus. Fe Noel is about sensuality, embracing their femininity. The company is also dedicated to giving back to the community and helping young girls become established entrepreneurs.

Booming E-commerce Clothing Brands For Women

Shopping online has never been this easy, and it makes things convenient even when you don’t have time to stand in queues or drive to a destination. The following are some of the best brands for women online stores to save you time and help you get the look that you want. If you’re looking for a convenient way to shop your next best look, you should check out these prominent online stores specializing in womenswear.


Farfetch brings shoppers a variety of women’s designer brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Dior, Boss, Cartier, Versace and Chanel, to name a few. You can get the best in accessories, shoes, jewelry, clothes and pre-owned select items.


Ssense brings you another concept in exclusive luxury woman’s designer brands from top names. Ssense has something special for you, from runway designs to one-of-a-kind concepts that don’t feature in other stores. Ssense delivers to 144 countries across the world.

Free People

Free People is an online women’s clothing store that specializes in Bohemian design. The concept is free-spirited, flowing, color and expression.

ASOS Online

ASOS is a large British fashion and beauty online retail store. The company has a variety of brands, including their house brand. At ASOS you find affordable streetwear, footwear, cosmetics and more to stock up your wardrobe.


Shopbop is another favorite amongst fashionista women as it features brands like B Yoga, Carrie Forbes, Fivekisses, Jules Smith, Jennifer Meyer Jewelry and NuBra to name just a few. Shopbop started out in 2000 and has since grown their online store delivering worldwide with free returns to the US and Canada.


Mango favors minimalistic designs in clothes and jewelry that continues to be chic. The brand preferes making goods that are timeless and can be worn every day with many outfits. The flexibility of the Mango brand makes it a sought after favorite with the ladies.


The Verishop brings you everything into one space by allowing easy online shopping, payment and assistance. Verishop is home to local and international women’s designer brands and ships to many shops worldwide.


Forever21 as its name suggests is a young, bright brand specializing in casual attire that suits semi-formal and entirely informal. The company dates its roots back to 1984 where it was initially called “Fashion 21.”

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer or simply called M&S, is a long-loved fashion label featuring quality clothing. The British multinational retail group, established in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer.

M&S has over 900 stores across the UK. The company’s stores include exclusive food shops, and it was the first recorded British company to make a pre-tax turnover of over £1 Billion back in 1998.


Which are the top clothing brands for women?

Depending on your budget, there are brands that cater for everyone. For haute couture, there’s Giambattista Valli, Dior, Valentino, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Chanel. For a less expensive take on fashion, there’s brands like Nike, Zara, J Crew and H & M, to name a few.

Which are the most popular clothing brands for women?

Whether you prefer high-end fashion or something more affordable, there’s something for all women. Top high-end fashion brands include Gucci, Burberry, Off-White and Prada. For the affordable range, there are brands like Nike, H&M, Sugar Candy Mountain and GAP, to mention a few.

Which are the designer brands for women?

Designer brands for women include and are not limited to Salvatore Ferragamo, Saint Laurent, Fendi, Prada and Gucci.

Which are the best clothing brands for women in the world?

Narrowing it down to the best clothing brands for women in the world wouldn’t score fairly. The truth is there are so many, from online shops to brick and mortar boutiques.

Some top clothing brands for women in the world include Top Shop, Everlane, Urban Outfitters, and Madewell. Let’s not forget about the accessible online range of clothing that consists of the likes of Amazon Fashion, The Outnet, ASOS and Free People.

Are designer clothes costly?

Yes. Designer clothes are costly because most of them are custom-made and limited. Top fashion designers make designer labels and many of their works can be seen on runways.

Conclusion About Clothing Brands For Women And How They Define Fashion

Women’s designer brands are not limited to haute couture, but it is on the runways where the trends start.

Great clothing brands are those catering for everyone with a purpose. Women often feel pressured to look a certain way, but its good to know that you can define your style through some of the top brands.

Start your day with style and confidence, and stock your wardrobe with the look that defines you and what you love.

Clothes are a way we express ourselves and it gives us the liberty to represent who we are in some way. Clothing brands for women have undergone so many transformations and has become a way of life for many.

If you want to know more about the best clothing brands for women then carry on reading. In this article, we talk about some great clothing brands catering for sustainability and other brands that may interest you.