Predicting the Future with Metaphysical Signs

Dec/29/2019 / by Chase Maser
Metaphysical Signs

At SEEMA, we aim to give you the resources and tools to feel empowered.I f you’re looking for answers, try out these signs for inspiration!

Humans have a deep curiosity to know the future.

Even if you don’t explicitly ask for insight into your latest job application or pregnancy hopes, there’s a part of your mind that’s always thinking and sending signals, and believe it or not, the universe is listening!

Like lightning in a storm that pulsates and interacts invisibly with particles and matter , the metaphysical realm is a complex network of energy around the world. However, this realm also includes human thoughts and wishes. In fact, lots of people practice principles to manifesting thoughts and dreams from the realm into reality.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s possible to predict the future, but if you pay close attention to certain metaphysical signs, getting a sense of what’s in store for you just might be possible.

Start with Numerology

One such example that carries the secrets to understanding your direction in life comes from numerology.

Simply put, numerology is the belief that there’s a divine and mystical relationship between numbers and the way they correspond with certain events in your life. For instance, have you heard your friends or family members talking about seeing the time 11:11 on the clock just as they had a thought about someone or wished for something to happen? It may seem like childhood play at first, but upon close inspection, 11:11 has some major significance.

Essentially, 11 is considered a “master number” in numerology that represents intuition and enlightenment. So seeing 11:11 (which is 11 twice in a row), amplifies the energy of the message and is a metaphysical sign from the universe to be conscious of what’s taking place—to be aware of the sign.

Endless combinations of numbers have underlying meanings and values to communicate other kinds of messages. That being said, the next time you find yourself having a serious thought or a major decision is at hand, pay attention to numbers surrounding you on clocks, signs, receipts, anything!

Pay Attention to Your Spirit Animals

Any animals crossing your path?

Spirit animals typically are associated with preferences that people believe about which animal describes them best. But a better way is to take note of what animals you encounter in real life.

From cats to dogs to flying insects, every animal has a spiritual, metaphysical message to share in Native American traditions. However, the real excitement comes from your interactions with animals and their effects on your daily life.

Say Ayesha is dealing with depression from work. She’s unsure about whether or not to quit and look for a new job, and the pressure is overwhelming. Then one day after a particularly gruelling shift, she notices a butterfly resting on her shoulder right before crossing the street to get to her car. Immediately, she shoos it away in fear, but the butterfly calmly drifts right back to her shoulder and rests again. Ayesha takes notice this time and welcomes it as a sign of transformation and new beginnings. The butterfly then floats away effortlessly.

Over time, spirit animals can change to teach you new messages and give you direction in life. With that in mind, the next time you are dealing with a pressing issue or challenge, pay attention to what creatures come into your life—no matter how big or small they might be!

Know Your Astrological Sign & Horoscope

Finally, two important metaphysical signs to consider when trying to predict the future are your astrological sign and horoscope.

Your astrological sign stems from your date and time of birth, identifying you as a specific being in the Zodiac in relation to celestial principals. For instance, if you were born in late July of 1990, your astrological sign is Leo or the Lion.

An astrological sign comes with a set of predispositions about what a person’s tendencies, shortcomings, and how to thrive in the world. A horoscope is a chart that maps out the position of celestial bodies at certain times, which can manifest as different short- and long-term effects.

For anyone who reads the newspaper or owns an Amazon Alexa, you can check your daily horoscope to see what personal message is in store according to your astrological sign. You then will have a sense of how to carry out your day aware of what challenges or situations to look out for—a sense of catching a glimpse into the future!

You Control Your Destiny

Keep in mind, these metaphysical signs from the universe is not the deciding factor for your life’s trajectory. You have free will to make decisions in your life. But connecting with higher energies of the world just might help you understand yourself better, while actively projecting what you’re in search of to find peace and fulfilment.

Pic courtesy: Greg Rakozy, Unsplash.

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