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Prepping For School

9 months ago / by Ira Ranjan Shivadey
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I have never understood how time works during the holidays. One minute we just started our summer vacations and the next it is time for the school year to start! There is nothing I love more than summer vacations, but eventually they do end, and the new school year must begin. But it is not all bad. The new school year brings in more friends, a new bag, fresh notebooks, and a bunch of new stationery (which I love). There is so much apprehension around “back to school” when it is something we all look forward to.

The key to a successful academic year is preparedness. Not only knowing your syllabus, completing your assignments, and getting textbooks, but also mental preparedness. With each academic year comes more conceptual complexity, longer study hours and difficult tests but if we can balance these out, manage our time and be principled one can notice that “back to school” is not a pain. We just need the right ingredients and tips to have a successful and fruitful school year.


  • Let us get the basics out of the way first by discussing stationery, books, and other things. At the beginning of the summer holidays, make sure to get your textbooks and syllabus from your teachers. Knowing the topics in the textbook for the coming year will keep you ahead of the class and familiar with the material.
  • A week before school, buy new stationery. Remember not to go overboard but get things that you know will motivate you. Something that I did was get a new set of highlighters. This small purchase made all the difference in my motivation to take notes consistently. Be sure to be prepared with the basics as well as the new and exciting stuff.
  • Get a set of new notebooks. The smell of new books always delights me! Label the books for each subject to make sure you are organized with notes and subjects.

Organize Everything!

A few students might love organizing, but others might dread it, yet organizing for the school year in advance will ease your transition into the new grade. Here are few things to do:

  • I always like to keep notebooks from the previous years and accumulate important notes for each subject. For example, math concepts are built upon each year so knowing the fundamentals are crucial. I would scan notes from my earlier math book and make a small booklet which I could refer to at any time. You can do this for all your subjects, and it will prove beneficial and convenient.
  • I thrive with an organized school desk, everything where I want it to be, placed in accessible positions which can also be motivating. If organization is not your forte, remember you do not have to Marie Kondo (although I love her) your desk, you just need to set it up in a way you find comfortable for your work ethic. Possibly keeping your books at an arm’s length distance and having decor which pushes you to sit at your table. These small things will make all the positive differences when you are trying to complete your assignments.
  • Packing your bag in advance, whether it be for your first day or your last, it will help you tackle your day with confidence. Organize your books for the next day, along with your pencil case and anything else you need. This small tip will keep you from rushing in the morning and forgetting the things you need for the day.

Set a Routine

I am guilty of not setting a routine and facing the consequences of this, so hear me out: SET. A. ROUTINE. This could be a night routine or a morning routine, whatever gets you in the groove. Time management is a key skill to apply, especially as you’re making your big school comeback.

Have a morning routine, once you wake up, you do a set of tasks which will help you get prepared for the day. This could be anything from a skin-care routine to a light study session. Similarly have a night routine, something which will get you into bed on time. Having at least 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary! I know that we usually tend to stay awake until 12 or 1 but even an extra hour makes all the difference.

Set goals: If you sleep five hours a night, try to sleep six, and notice the difference it makes in you.

Try creating a timetable for your day. Making a list of what you need to do, by when it should be completed and how long it will take. Planning these things out will help you improve your performance in school, but also be available for other activities like your hobbies. I use a planner which has a calendar, with habit trackers and then a day by day section where I write the things I need to do. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing all the ticks on your to do list.


It is safe to say that school is here but hopefully after reading these tips, you are more excited than dreading going back to school. Trust me when I say that these minor changes to your lifestyle will make all the difference. Physically preparing for school is necessary but it is not the only thing we need to prepare for. Keeping your health intact and being mentally prepared will catalyze your success at school and keep you confident and happy throughout the year. Well then, let us get back to school!

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