Profiled Artist: Poet Shama Arora

Aug/07/2019 / by Staff Editor
Poet Shama Arora

Poet Shama Arora hails from Haryana, India.  She has spent her entire life in two careers: banking and teaching.  While working, she has continued to write, recite and print her original poems.  Her other passion is painting.  At our SING for SEEMA event, Shama recited her popular poem about Mothers and Daughters.  

Shama currently resides in Princeton NJ and spends time with her two grandchildren while continuing to write poetry.   We sat down with her to talk about poetry, her inspirations and her advice for young artists.  

What interested you in becoming an artist?

My granddaughter is my inspiration. First time I picked up the pen was when my little granddaughter who was only 5 year old, passed away. 

What is your favorite medium in which to work and why?

You can say that I am old school.  I just pick up any topic that interests me and I start writing in my diary.  This is how I started writing and I continue to write even today.

Who or what inspires your creativity and artistic vision?

I have always had an interest in writing and the arts but the passing away of my little angel granddaughter inspired me to put pen to paper.

Growing up, did you know of other female artists? 

When I was growing up, my female role model was Indian actress Asha Parikh.  She has always been very talented in her field.

Did you have an artistic mentor or someone you looked up to?

I have always looked up to my father as my mentor.  His creativity inspired me and that’s the reason I m able to do what I m doing.

I cannot think of any one in particular but I feel almost all of the new artists, whether they are children or adults, have wonderful talent and they are globally impacting by showcasing the fact that India has so much talent to offer in every field.

What do you think is the best way to celebrate Indian artists and their art?

Social Media I believe is the best way to portray talent today.

Keep doing want interests you. Never stop and fulfill your dreams. 

Amongst all my poetry, my favorite is the poem I wrote on Current Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi or who I respectfully call, Modi ji.  He is my favorite figure in the political field and I strongly believe that Politics is also about being creative and the arts. 

Where can people see your work/meet you next?

Sing for Seema gave me a platform. I will, soon, share my poetry collection online as well as launch a blog.

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