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Prosper: Finding Magicin the Mess

Feb/03/2024 / by team-seema

From being orphaned at a young age to surviving an abusive marriage, Dr. Neeta
Bhushan knows what it’s like to endure extreme adversity. But in her new book
That Sucked, Now What? She describes surviving those moments as profound opportunities for change and transformation.

Based on her years of research in human behavior and watching them in their best and worst moments, she shares what it takes for people to get back up after being knocked down. Here are a few tips to get through a messy moment.

1. Recognize the Reality
If you’re in a tough place in your life in a relationship or a job, it can be helpful to just name that. When you can recognize where you are, you can often spot patterns from your past or experiences that may have led you here.

2. Take Action
If you want change, you’ll need to light the spark to do something different. This can be the most challenging part of the journey, but taking that leap of faith can open up new opportunities you didn’t even see coming.

3. Stay Unstuck
Sometimes it can be helpful to do the opposite of what we want to do. When we want to stay in bed, sometimes all it takes is choosing to take a shower or a bath can be enough to change the trajectory of our day. These small steps build confidence over time and help you manage your on-going self-care.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan also hosts a podcast called “The Brave Table,” where she has unfiltered conversations with guests on the unpredictable moments throughout
life, and how embracing the not-always-perfect reality can be the best balm for becoming your biggest self. Available on Apple Podcasts.

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