Ideas For a Fabulous Quarantine Dates

Sep/30/2021 / by Team SEEMA
Quarantine Date

Locked down with your honey? You can still keep the flame alive during the time of the coronavirus. Interested in meeting someone new? Try a virtual date, getting to know someone and then playing games. (not the usual dating games, though.) There are many ways to make lockdown dates exciting.

Dating can still go on, and all it takes is some creativity. There are virtual dates and dates that take place in home, if you live with your special person. Here are some quarantine date ideas that are for both a first date or one with your long-time love; these ideas can spark the flame of fun, friendship and romance.

Virtual Ideas For Dates With a New Person

Use digital media to get to know someone better and have an exciting time. Games are always fun and can give you insight into the other person’s personality. Are they a bad sport? Able to laugh at themselves and see things with a sense of humor? This might become more evident as you both relax and have fun, eliminating the stress of getting to know someone new on a date.

You might have met someone through a favorite dating app and want to get to know them better before you meet in person. Spicing up your dating life from a distance can make lockdown fun and exciting. Who knows where it will lead when you finally meet in person?

1. Cook together, but not really together – you might try cooking dessert over FaceTime or other app. Decide on a delicious recipe in advance and give it to your special person. You can both have the ingredients ready when you “meet.” Do the prep work as well as enjoy the eating, all online during your FaceTime call. Sweet!

2. Take the 20 questions for a challenge – this can also be FaceTime date. One person thinks of a person, a place or a thing. The other person asks up to 20 questions that have a yes or no answer, trying to figure out what you are thinking. You can go as intimate as desired, when choosing to get to know someone even better.

3. Introduce your person to your quarantine-mates – at home with roommates? Stuck at home with your parents? Why not use this time to introduce your special someone via FaceTime? Spontaneous talk can be enlivening, especially when it comes from your parents! It may be funny; hopefully it will not be frightening, such as “What are your intentions?”

If in a roommate situation, your roommates may also join in and meet your date. Having fun is the goal here.

4. Watch a movie together – have a Netflix party. There is a Chrome extension that adds group chat to Netflix, Disney, Hulu and HBO. You can both comment and enjoy the show together. Laugh, cry or comment, just like at the movies, except you do not have to worry about disturbing the other person, sitting next to you, with your talk!

5. Draw or paint the other person – you get to know someone by looking at them. Stare at each other over FaceTime and then get ready to paint their portrait; it can be fun, erotic or intimate, as each one gets to interpret the other person on paper or a canvas. Have materials ready before you begin. You can share the portraits outside, socially distanced, when it is safe.

6. Plan a walk together – even if you live in different cities, you can take a romantic evening stroll together. You each find a nice path in nature or a park and walk together, using FaceTime, pointing out things like the moon or discoveries along the way. Share the time together, though apart.

Quarantine Date Night At Home

Whether with a same-sex partner or with a more traditional relationship, dating during quarantine can be exciting. Especially if you experience lock-down at home with your honey. If you have little ones at home, a date at home forgoes the babysitter.

Romance can receive a refresher course; your date does not have to be a movie and takeout. Challenge yourself to be more creative in coming up with new ideas to spark the flame again.

1. Enjoy a spa night together

Share your masks and creams with the goal of beauty and relaxation. From cucumbers over the eyes to massage and low key music, share the harmony together. Reconnect without leaving your home. You can even make your own DIY products for a stay-at-home date that doesn’t cost a fortune.

2. Carve out a space for sex

Instead of waiting for it to just happen, plan out an evening to restore intimacy. During quarantine, you may have forgotten about this important source of connection. Step away from your laptops and enhance the sensual again.

3. Give each partner a chance to cook dinner

Sometimes, dinner is just “you do this, I’ll do that” with a division of prep duties. Instead of cooking that together as usual, one person does all the cooking while the other relaxes, enjoying the romance of having a meal cooked especially for them. This means that each person cooks, even if they does not have culinary skills; it’s all about love, not being the ultimate chef.

For couples who always cook, order in and support your favorite restaurant, while you set the room for romance.

4. Take a walk together

Sitting at home during quarantine can get tiresome; exercise out in nature with a walk, whether in the moonlight or sunshine. Even is you only go around the block, walking together connects you to nature or the neighborhood. Remember to wear you masks if there are people around. A quiet conversation in an outdoor setting is a way to connect. At the same time, your bodies are getting the benefits of walking and de-stressing.

5. Go on an indoor picnic

This is especially fun, once your kids are asleep. Lay a blanket on the floor and bring out the cheese, grapes or other delights to enjoy in comfort of your living room. Put on soothing music and dig in. You can also do this in your own backyard for an outdoor picnic close to home.

6. Have a “bakeoff” challenge

Healthline suggests a “Cupcake Wars” style competition but you can choose any recipe that you’ll both enjoy. From carrot pudding to cupcakes, you can each cook or bake a dish to wow each other. The kids will also enjoy this date, the day after.

7. Take a virtual yoga class

Strengthen your body and mind together with an online class in yoga. Let go of the day’s stress and chill out with your honey. Meditate afterwards for the ultimate in relaxation.

You can also enhance your quarantine fitness routine with any other online exercise class that you’ll both enjoy doing together. From dance to cardio workouts, you’ll find abundant classes to get you moving together.

8. Set up an outdoor movie

Love the concept of the drive-in movie? You can do it at home without the car and the admission fee. Grab a sheet and put it up in the backyard or use a wall as a screen. Project a movie onto it. Enjoy a night out(side) with popcorn and snacks, while enjoying the comfort of your favorite blanket.

All you will need is a projector and speakers. You can add lights, and you’ll need access to power. Once set up, you can enjoy this theatre again and again, with your family or just your honey. With movies from Bollywood to Hollywood, having an outdoor movie theatre means fun.

9. Do the Paint-Off challenge

Quarantine date night can be creative as well as fun. Get your art supplies together, whether pens, pencils, paint or crayons and paint a picture of the same thing. You can set up a still life with some flowers and each interpret it in your own way. Or you could do each other’s portrait for some laughs and show of your artistic abilities.

Materials from the junk drawer or the kids’ desk can part of your palette, including glue and glitter and whatever. Just have fun doing it.

10. Tackle a DIY project

From cleaning up to painting walls and redecoration, quarantine may be the excuse to share time on a project that you may have put off. Channel a duo on HGTV and begin a project to beautify an area that has grown worn and dull. Just use you imagination and some materials and magazines. You’ll both have a sense of accomplishment as as new and nicer space.

11. Plant a garden

Don’t let a back yard or patio go to waste. Make a date together to work with the earth. You’ll have a sense of renewal as well as the beauty or vegetables from your garden area. You’ll have your herbs, such as basil or cilantro right out the door.

Did you know that you can plant cilantro in a pot with the stems put in water? Get some ready to plant after they grow roots; use the day with your honey to start your cilantro garden, either in a pot or outside.

12. Camp out

Whether in your living room or out in the backyard, camping out is always an adventure. Bring the sleeping bags and roast marshmallows (if outside, not in your living room ). Not only will you both feel like kids again, you will appreciate your real bed so much more when you return to the bedroom.

13. Go stargazing

Go outside and bring a blanket. Lie down together and look at the stars. All it takes is a blanket to remind you of how vast the universe is and how small are your cares and concerns. It may spark romance as well, as stress disappears into the darkness of night.


What are fun things couples can do during quarantine?

Couples can cook together, take walks in nature, have a living room picnic, project a movie in the backyard with the kids and more.

What are some quarantine dates ideas?

First dates can chat over Facetime. Cooking together, playing games and watching online movies, while chatting, and virtual moonlight walks are all part of the delight.

What should I expect at a date during quarantine?

Expect fun and excitement, as you get to know someone better. If you already know them well, expect to enjoy intimacy, whether mental or physical. You may also have fun.

How can I impress my girlfriend with a date during quarantine?

You could order a special meal from her favorite restaurant. Have it delivered, along with a bouquet of flowers, or drop it all off yourself at her door. Order a dinner for yourself, and you can both share your meals on FaceTime.

What should one do on a date for quarantine?

A virtual date will be great for those who live separately. From cooking together to watching a movie at the same time, you can have an fun and exciting date with some help from technology. Those who live with their special person can find a great variety of ways to have an exciting and enjoyable night on a date at home during quarantine.

There are abundant date ideas for quarantine that you can find with a little sleuthing. Don’t be afraid to be creative as you search for more quarantine date night ideas. They can be fun, exciting, calming, nourishing, spiritual, thought provoking, stress releasing, intimate, Indian-inspired and more.

Connecting in a new way may be the goal, whether you have known someone for two weeks or two years. You can add spice to your socially distanced love life. All it takes is the desire, some tech know-how and another person who is special to you.