Radhika Kunnel Is Taking The Reins To Run For Nevada State Assembly

1 year ago / by Nancy Amon
Radhika Kunnel
Image credits: Glen Carrie via Unsplash

Radhika Kunnelmay not be the first South Asian woman to be in politics, but she is in it for positive change and a better America. Today she runs for a place in the State Assembly of Nevada.

Biography of Radhika Kunnel

About Radhika Kunnel: Radhika Kunnel moved to the United States in the 8th grade of school. At the time, she lived in Philadelphia for most of her years residing in the states. It was only until recent years that she relocated to Nevada, Las Vegas.

If you’re keeping up with news on Radhika Kunnelin Nevada, you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse of Radhika Kunnel. A forward-thinking, hard-working people’s person looking to create change to improve America.

Nevada might not represent the whole of the United States, but it is a large region and one that Radhika has her heart set on improving one bit at a time.

Political development

If you wondered what is the profession of Radhika Kunnel,then perhaps politics wasn’t always your first thought, especially since she’s been in the education sector too.

Kunnel’s campaign and goals are to:

  • Create equality amongst all peoples in Nevada
  • Transparency in the judicial system
  • Better economic opportunity
  • Public safety

Fun Facts

Radhika Kunnel was a Cancer Biology Professor, and she also has a degree in law from the Boyd School of Law University Las Vegas.


Who is Radhika Kunnel married to?

There’s not much information about him, but her husband’s name is Regi.

Where was Radhika Kunnel born?

Radhika was born in India but made her move to the United States in her 8th grade schooling year, nearly 26 years ago. Even though she originally wanted to be a genetic engineer and loved biology, her focus changed to politics.

What is her net worth?

Radhika’s net worth is not disclosed.

When did she start her career?

Radhika started working after qualifying. She completed her master’s degree and a doctorate in cancer biology in Louisiana. Kunnel also has a Master’s degree in Science from India.

Her law degree is new 2018-2020.

Conclusion: Radhika Kunnel Supports Change

She advocates against domestic violence and has already proven to be true in her efforts to help better the lives of residents and small business owners in Nevada Las Vegas.

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