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Vishakha Mulye
Image credits: ICICI Bank

Vishakha Mulye

Learning news on her can serve as inspiration for aspiring financial professionals and business owners. Mulye’s skills and leadership abilities will likely make more professionals in any industry learn more about the biography of Vishakha Mulye.

Biography Vishakha Mulye

She has held the position of executive director for ICICI Bank since 2016. The age of her is 51. The oldest executive at the bank is in their 70s, which indicates that she has reached professional success exceptionally early in her career. When learning what is the profession of her, we learn that she was featured on India Today in 2011 as one of the Most Powerful Women in Indian Business. Before becoming executive director, Mulye was the group CFO at ICICI Bank from 2005 to 2007.


What is Vishakha Mulye born?

– She is a native of India. Vishakha Mulye ICICI Bank is known for her financial acumen and leadership and is currently moving the Indian sector of the bank forward with her expertise.

What is the networth of her?

– Currently, the net worth Vishaka Mulye is $96,126,496.

Who is the husband of her?

– She is married to S. Ramakrishnan. He is the executive director of Tata Power.

When did she start her career?

– She started her career with ICICI Bank in 1993. In 2007 she received the Young Global Leader of the Year award by World Economic Forum. In 2012, entrepreneur Vishakha Mulye earned the GR8! Women award from ITA for an honor naming her an “eminent personality” in the banking field.