Read, Learn, Act: A Path Forward

Jul/05/2020 / by Quinta Jackson
Image credits: Julian Wan/Unsplash

For the latest issue of our digital magazine, we asked Quinta Jackson to share her thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and how we can all educate ourselves, learn, and grow.

In her essay “Read, Learn, Act: A Path Forward,” Quinta writes, “When solving any problem, getting at its root is generally the first step. To arrive at the root of a problem, when must learn its history. Start at a point in history prior to major historical events like the Transatlantic Atlantic Slave Trade. If you don’t think that you have time to go back that far, start with a point in American History like Jim Crow. Choose historical figures that created the societal changes that you hope to further in this time and study what they have written.”

Quinta outlines books to read and a weekly game plan for those who want to make societal change. Read her entire essay in the third edition of SEEMA Magazine.

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