RECIPE ALERT! Usher in Holi with these fantastic meals

Heralding the onset of spring, the festival is an ideal time to catch up with friends and family at a meal. Here are some fantastic recipe s to make this Holi!

Dahi Vada

By Richa Sharma

Dahi vada is a delicious snack that combines all of your favorite flavors and textures in one bite. It is fluffy, delicate, tangy, and sweet. They are made up of handmade fried lentil dumpling fritters dipped in creamy whipped yogurt and topped with a variety of spicy and sweet chutneys. Try this famous recipe, which includes a step-by-step technique, for a Holi treat that everyone will remember.


By Nancy Amon

When it comes to desserts it’s hard to refuse a malpua. It’s decadently fluffy with light crispy edges. It looks like a distant relative of the flapjack, as it’s called in South Africa, or pancakes in the U.K. and America. Unlike the flapjack or pancake, malpua has a delightful cardamom and fennel flavor. However, all these desserts share the use of syrup.

The recipe for malpua has many variations, and people often tweak foods to suit their dietary needs.

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