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Renu Kaushal: The Star on the Horizon

Apr/11/2022 / by Abhijit Masih

Renu Kaushal has represented India internationally twice, first in 2017 at World Super Model held in Macau and then in 2019 at Miss India International held in New York. 

An absolute Bombay girl, Kaushal was born and raised there but is a true Punjabi within. Her dad a Naval veteran and mom a teacher, shifted from Bombay to their native Punjab after his retirement, reluctantly leaving his daughter behind to pursue her glam dream.  

Talking about her life, she says, “I have always been a south Mumbai girl and one common dream that all Mumbai girls have is to become a Super model. I was tall (She’s 5’9) so much so that my teachers would make me sit right behind in class because I was so tall. So always I used to hear this thing from people oh, you should be a model you got such a good height.” 

It took a fair bit of convincing for her father to give his consent for the chosen career path of Kaushal. She recalls, “My parents thought maybe she will grow up and divert her attention to something else. It was difficult for me to make my father understand because for him acting and modeling is something he didn’t understand. It took time for me to convince him that I want to do this thing and I will be happier in my life if I choose this part.”

Kaushal has done the famous Kingfisher calendar shoots and has represented India twice in International pageants. In 2019, she represented India for Miss India worldwide that has entries from Indian origin girls from various countries. She is charting her path through modeling towards films and has already a couple of them on the floor. 


Being a kid form the armed forces, she was taught to lead a healthy life from a young age which she regimentally follows. She talks about her normal day, “I wake up around seven 7 in the morning and I start my day with green tea and warm water. Then do a little bit of yoga to stretch my body. So stretching in the morning is something which I prefer to do because it doesn’t stiffen your body at all. I eat healthy. I’m a Punjabi so yeah, I’m non vegetarian, but I eat healthy food.”

With modeling for top agencies and acting in many movies including Punjabi films, Renu Kaushal has her path paved for success. Her stunning photos and videos on social media are enough to prove her unabashed beauty. 

She shares about her fitness schedule, “Keeping up with many assignments and upcoming movies becomes a task if one doesn’t follow the right workout patterns. I make it a point to make such a gym session that I can follow even when I’m swamped with work. I feel yoga and exercise goes hand in hand and stretching should be an integral part of the regime. It strengthens core muscles and is not very taxing. I find it relaxing after a long day at work.”

The Punjabi beauty from Bombay is well on her way to becoming a star and a name to watch out for.


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