Managing Director Renu Sud Karnad of HDFC LTD

1 year ago / by Habibur Shohon
Renu Sud Karnad
Image credits: Sam Pal via Flickr

Renu Sud Karnad

If you’re interested in learning more about how women are making significant strides in business all over the world, you’ll likely want to know more about her. Renu Sud Karnad HDFC is a prominent businesswoman with several decades of experience. Even though Renu Sud Karnad HDFC are often phrases that go hand in hand, a biography her will give you more insight into how Karnad went after her dreams and used her intelligence and creativity to further her career. 

What Is the Profession of Renu Sud Karnad? 

News on her indicates that she is the managing director for Housing Development Finance Limited. She is also the president of the International Union for Housing Finance. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Mumbai and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Delhi. 


Who is she married to?

Karnad is married to Bharat Karnad, a strategic affairs analyst. The two are a professional power couple and have achieved several impressive milestones since Renu is a joint managing director.

Where was Karnad born?

Karnad was born in 1952 which makes her age 70. She is believed to be from the Mumbai area and received her degree in law from the University of Mumbai.

What is her net worth?

Her net worth, as of January 2022, is ₨138,759,008.

Where did she start her career?

Karnad began her career in 1978 in the legal and credit department at HDFC. Renu Sud Karnad HDFC began a lucrative career that spanned decades and earned the position of executive director for the company in 2000.