Renuka Jagtiani: CEO of India’s Landmark Group

May/30/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Renuka Jagtiani
Image credits: Arabian Business

Who is the CEO of Landmark Group?

Ever heard of Renuka Jagtiani? You should if you know anything about India’s business sphere. Renuka is the CEO and chairwoman of Landmark Group, a multinational conglomerate located in Dubai. With a huge global presence, the company specializes in retail products in clothing, footwear, electronics, beauty, and home supplies. 

Landmark Group was originally founded in 1973 by her husband, Micky Jagtiani. Now Renuka Jagtiani works as head of the group, managing more than 50,000 employees each year. For 20 years, this pioneering woman has developed a corporate strategy that has resulted in a great amount of success for Landmark Group and its subsidiaries.