Rihanna fashion And How You Could Pull it Off

2 years ago / by Nancy Amon
Rihanna fashion

Rihanna is not only an amazing singer, actress and philanthropist; she is also a fashion designer. She has great fashion sense and personal style and has set the tone for sexy-chic. This is why she launched Rihanna fashion line called Fenty. While Fenty was a hit for about two years, the clothing line is still closing with an exception for the makeup line Fenty Beauty and the lingerie line Savage X Fenty.

The pandemic took its toll on many companies, even this once big fashion label. Without a doubt, the rest of Fenty fashion house will be missed.

Beautiful beginnings in fashion

Rihanna, known by her full names Robyn Rihanna Fenty is the only fashion line that launched from the ground up with leading brand LVMH (Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton) in 2019.

Makeup was a means of expression for the gorgeous singer, Riri. She mentioned in an article that even as a child in Barbados, her mom’s bright red lipstick fascinated her and as a kid she loved wearing it and experimenting with makeup. As she grew up, she became more fascinated with makeup which led her to one of her many successful business ventures.

Rihanna saw the gap in the market and wanted to add inclusivity since the beauty industry didn’t cater to all shades of skin tones. For darker skin tones, finding the right concealer is near impossible. This was a breakthrough and a blessing for many women all around the world with access to the Fenty beauty line.

With previous experience in fashion, Rihanna also became the director of Puma in 2014 and created limited collections for River Island, a British clothing line. 

Rihanna was no stranger to high-end fashion and she featured on the cover of the American Vogue, British Vogue and other internationally renowned fashion magazines. She set trends throughout her career with a keen eye for fashion.

Rihanna style inspired her fashion brand. The line started out with clothing items from the singer’s wardrobe.

What did Rihanna fashion house Fenty sell?

A staple in the Rihanna costumes of her Fenty line was ready to wear clothing items and accessories. All the items within the Fenty line inspire body positivity and inclusivity. This is very important in the life we live today and young people looking up to international role models.

Rihanna best outfits cater for everyone, and she always looks great whether at a gala, fashion show or being interviewed.

Rihanna fashion Savage X Fenty

The Savage X Fenty is an all-inclusive lingerie line that produces unique pieces to suit all body types and sizes. It wasn’t originally part of the clothing line but only featured later on. It proved to be a huge success even though it faced economic challenges.

Rihanna Fashion  – Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty started in 2017 and has changed the makeup industry for the better. The beauty brand has 50 shades of concealer, 40 shades of foundation and lots more makeup staples.


What is Rihanna clothing line called?


What is Rihanna fashion style?

Rihanna best outfits include street style, chic, sexy and glamorous.

Does Rihanna have a stylist?

Yes, Jahleel Weaver

Which is Rihanna’s best outfit?

Rihanna does all outfits amazingly and rather flawlessly. Whether it’s her iconic street fashion or stylish met gala look, she simply makes them work perfectly.

Conclusion about Rihanna fashion

We love Riri’s fierce outlook in music and the fashion industry and as a young businesswoman, she has inspired many to reach their goals. From Rihanna street style, which features sporty and trendy items to accessories, and a makeup line, Fenty continues to be a favorite to many customers.

Even if you couldn’t get your hands on Rihanna style Fentyclothing line, there’s so many that will inspire you to rock fashion and be fierce.