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Aug/03/2023 / by Team Seema
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Early Life and Career

Most children dream of becoming something great. Some children dream of becoming self-styled superheroes and some dream of becoming doctors or musicians. Others dream of becoming singers and actors, and some of those dreamers actually make it. She is a great example of a dreamer who has beat the odds and made her way in show business. Reema was born on October 27th, 1971. This makes the age of Reema Khan to be 50 years old. While many know her under the name of Reema, she was actually born under the name of Sameena Khan. She was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan to a family of decent prestige. Her family is of the Qazilbash Clan. Reema’s father is a former gazette officer who then devoted the rest of his career to legal matters. She initially received her education from Convent School in Multan, later moving to Lahore again to continue her higher studies.

When learning about her, you’ll also come to find that she is Islam. During her schooling years she took an extra interest in drama and the arts. She was generally well liked by both her peers and her instructors. On top of being successful in her studies and her extracurricular drama studies, she was also a celebrated athlete in school, earning many trophies and recognition. To this day, her teachers still celebrate her, as does the general region. Her success in school would help set her up for a professional career in entertainment and the arts.

In 1990, she got her break as a leading actress in the film “Bulandi” directed by Javed Fazil. Following the success of this film, Reema Khan then acted in a sequence of many other films, some of these films include: “Nikah”,

“One Two Ka One” and “Mujhe Chand Chahiye.” She was offered so many roles in the 1990s that she became one of the most prolific actresses of the decade.

Poison Scandal

Popular people tend to be loved and equally hated by the masses. This is true no matter who you are. It seems that Reema Khan is no exception, as she’s come into contact with frightening circumstances due to her fame. One such instance came in 2019 when she stated that she believed she was being poisoned by a fellow actor. In an interview with the Geo Channel Reema Khan stated that she believes a fellow actress was paid R.s 0.1 million to poison the actress. She believed that the poison was being placed in her food. During this scandal, Reema also stated that there was wide-spread corruption and harassment in Lollywood, and that she had been harassed before.

Concerning the poisoning and harassment, Reema Khan stated “Once someone fired at my house and another time my colleague tried to poison me when I was doing a shampoo commercial for Asif Raza Mir.” Reema Khan would also state that she never made a police report regarding the attempted poisoning, and also did not reveal who the suspect was. She also went on to discuss other matters about her mistreatment in the entertainment industry, stating that scenes from films have been cut, and that she has been subjected to character assassination. However, Reema went on to state: “However, I have made my way in the industry despite all the negativity, and I believe that the only way to deal with all this is to stay positive.” Thankfully, any attempts to harm the star were not successful, or tried again.

Life and Career Continues On

The biography of Reema Khan is a successful one. The star has acted in over 200 films since her debut in the 1990s and has earned herself quite the recognition and fanbase. She continues to work on projects and lives happily with her family and her friends. In 2011, Reema Khan married S. Tariq Shahab, S. Tariq Shabab works as a Pakistani-American cardiologist. Further, on March 14th, 2015, she gave birth to her first child, Ali Shahab. In 2019 she received the Pride of Performance Award for her involvements with Pakistani cinema. She continues to live happily with her husband in the US, devoting herself to motherhood and small projects elsewhere.


Who is Reema Khan husband?

S. Tariq Shahab is Reema Khan’s husband. They have been married for 11 years as of 2022.

Where is Reema Khan now?

Reema Khan lives happily with her husband and her child in the US.

How many films has Reema Khan done?

Reema Khan has been said to have acted in over 200 films. She also has 5 director credits, for her involvements in other films. Over her career she has made a substantial contribution to Pakistani entertainment.


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