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Jul/29/2022 / by AALIYAH MEHRA

Road trips. Who doesn’t love them? Whether it’s with friends or family they are exciting and fun, provided you have everything in place.

Here are few essentials to ensure you to have the best time on the road.

  1. Have you route planned

We all know that when we take a wrong turn chaos and panic sets in. To avoid that, before starting the trip, make sure that we know the route and have Google Maps open for any emergency. Also avoid deserted or really sketchy roads to be safe!

  1. Check your vehicle beforehand

Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy. Make sure the tires have adequate pressure, that the vehicle has a full tank of gas, and that you have everything working fine, including the headlights, windshield wipers, and, most importantly, the brakes. Check the air conditioning system since being uncomfortable on the road could ruin the experience. Make sure you have all the cars documents, including your registration, insurance and driving license. It helps, because if you plan to stay on the road for long, you are likely to get pulled over by state troopers at least once. Always start the trip in a clean car and don’t let the trash accumulate on the road.

  1. Have a backup plan

Other than the route, consider contingencies, factoring them in when calculating drive times. Many things might act as obstacles during your trip, such as traffic, but it’s good to have an idea about how long you should take. That will help you figure out how much you have to pack, the number of stops you need to make, and if you need to stop somewhere overnight.

  1. Save energy for  the trip

This is super important. Especially the designated driver or whoever is going to take turns driving. The person who will be driving should get enough sleep beforehand and not tire themselves out so they can drive safely. They should also eat well and keep themselves hydrated. It’s good to be in the best condition before driving especially for really long trips.

  1. Pack snacks

Everyone gets most excited for this aspect of the trip. Packing snacks is super important. Packing healthy snacks is good but sometimes junk food just tastes better on road trips, breaking the monotony of driving continuously. Chewing gum or a mint can also help with motion sickness! And of course, pack water.

  1. Music!

How can you have a road trip without music? Make that playlist with bangers you are obsessed with! Don’t forget the earphones if you want to listen to just your kind of music. However, hearing songs with co-passengers can be quite fun, a chance to share music with each other and discover new forms. There’s no getting bored in the car if you have music to jam to. Make sure, however, that the driver is not distracted or has the job of changing the tracks. Any distraction could be dangerous.

  1. Take stops in between

It is not advisable to avoid breaks on a long road trip. Those stops help. The driver can stretch, taking a break that can be vital. You also need to use the restroom, and perhaps grab something to eat or drink. Sitting in the car for long can make your body stiff, so getting out for a bit can be beneficial. However, too much time at these stops can also delay you.

  1. Other entertainment

Besides music and snacks, other mental diversions will stop everyone getting bored and impatient. Games would be a great way to keep everyone occupied. Even silly games like ‘I spy’ are a great way to have fun and make memories. If you are traveling with kids, pack in toys and games that keep them occupied.

  1. Carry essentials

Besides snacks, carry a sanitizer, paper napkins, and a first-aid kit for small emergencies. Besides the documents, keep sun glasses, phone charger, and a travel pillow for a power nap – unless you are driving.

  1. Accommodation

If it’s a really long road trip, overnight stay is recommended. Whether you want to book in advance or do it depending on how tired you are is up to you. However, planning in advance is advisable so you know what to expect when you reach the hotel or the Air BnB. This is especially true when you’re staying at a place you need to make reservations. You will not be wasting more time time, especially when tired, to find a place to rest.

This, hopefully, should help you plan your future road trips! Whether it be with family or friends, road trips are a great way to bond, experience the outdoors, to admire the scenery and just enjoy your vacation. Being careful while planning them will ensure they are as fun as they ought to be.

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