A Pakistan-Born Woman Who Dares to Be Great

Aug/03/2023 / by Team Seema
Image credits: Dr Ghulam Nabi Kazi via Flickr

The Quick Biography of Rozina

Rozina is a Pakistani actress turned producer who, above all things, aims to please her adoring fans. Although Rozina is known for the captivating roles she’s played since the birth of her career inm 1976, her role in Koshai in 1980 quickly gained worldwide notoriety.

More specifically, Rozina has taken a hiatus from the limelight to work behind the scenes with production crews and casts to make captivating films and media. In 2006, Rozina played the role of Bindi, a housewife who supports and cherishes her husband, Bhola, who regulalry takes her love for granted. Bhola quickly becomes enthralled with a new lover, creating a dramatic scene between his current wife and his mistress.

The Age of Rozina

Currently, Rozina is a ripe age of 67, with a youthful appearance and glowing charm that gives her the visual image of someone much younger. The Pakistani star was born in Bangladesh, an area known for its beautiful shores, rivers, enchanting forests and crystal-clear water. Although many years have passed since April 12th, 1955 — Rozina’s date of birth — her aura and warm presence spans the globe.

News On Rozina

One of the characteristics about Rozina that differentiates her from other actresses from around the world is her ability to use her status and notoriety to attract success in different business endeavors. Her restaurant, located in London, “Mithu’s Kitchen,” makes delicious meals to patrons, blending the brilliance of homecooked meals with the fresh ingredients from Pakistani cuisine.

Currently, Rozina spends time running her restaurant business and expanding her organization to meet the rising deman of London’s population. When she’s not in the kitchen or concocting new menu items for customers, she’s spending time earning prestigious awards and praise.

In fact, Rozina has made an appearance in over 300 films since her debut on the silver screen at the age of 16. In 1988, she earned a Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress award from her work in the film, Jibondhara. Moreover, she attained a Meril Prothom Alo Award in 2004 for her role in Rakkhushi, a film whereby Rozina plays a crazed woman who attacks multiple individuals for no apparent reason.

SEEMA’s Mission to Empower Women

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