Rupsikha Borah Deori—From Fat to Steely Muscle

98 lbs was my after-pregnancy weight. That was after my youngest daughter, the little one. Now my weight is 121 lbs.” That was Rupsikha Borah Deori, the recent winner of the Master’s Bikini Class Bodybuilding Championship at the Arnold Classic Amateur Championship held in Columbus, Ohio.

Deori said she had always been slim and trim until she got pregnant. After giving birth to two kids, she wanted to reduce her weight, which had shot by almost 70 lbs.

She recalled, “I started with what people normally do, so I cut my [food], and with that I lost like 22-25 lbs. But after losing that weight, I felt very weak with no energy at all.”

From a state of no energy and a weight of almost 175 lbs, Deori’s body is now a ripped
and lean mass of muscle. She has competed in bodybuilding shows around the world, including in Dubai and Russia, and is providing nutrition and fitness lessons to clients around the world.

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