Sanjeev Kapoor Transcends Cookery and Machine Learning

Jul/16/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Sanjeev Kapoor
Image credits: Shutterstock

The success of Sanjeev Kapoor began in his 30s when launched his “Khana Khazana” cookery show. The success of the show led to it being broadcast in 120 countries and made Kapoor a household name. The age of Sanjeev Kapoor at the start of his TV career was 28, with his career spanning four decades.

The Biography of Sanjeev Kapoor

He was born in Ambala, India in 1964 and entered the hospitality industry at the age of 20. After studying to receive a diploma in Hotel Management, Kapoor traveled the world as a chef. During the early part of his career, the celebrity chef worked in New Zealand and Mumbai. He is a popular member of the hospitality industry, winning hospitality awards. Among the awards Kapoor has won are the Mercury Gold Award and the Best Executive Chef of India.

Moving to TV

By 1992, Kapoor had become the youngest Executive Chef at Mumbai’s Centaur Hotel. His work attracted the interest of TV producers for the show, Khana Khazana. The cookery show was an overnight sensation and lasted for 19 years. Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor has established restaurant chains in nine countries. The success of Khana Khazana allowed his fans to learn more about Sanjeev Kapoor. The Khana Khazana brand includes recipe books and lifestyle products.

Branching out on his own

The net worth of Sanjeev Kapoor has risen above $2 million. Kapoor has a range of business interests and continues to expand his empire. Kapoor expanded his interests with the launch of his own TV channel, FoodFood. Kapoor revealed the launch of his TV channel helped him take control of the direction of his career. The production of online content and short movies has helped to establish Kapoor outside the kitchen. His business interests are moving towards technology in the kitchen.

Looking Outside TV

Business opportunities are always considered by Sanjeev Kapoor and his wife, Alyona. Requests from viewers for the name of the appliances used on his TV shows led Kapoor to develop his own brand. Wonderchef sells appliances and kitchen products designed and approved by the celebrity chef. Sanjeev Kapoor uses social media and content to drive his career forward in the 21st century.