Sanjiv Bajaj Is On the Job

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Sanjiv Bajaj
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Learn about Sanjiv Bajaj

Sanjiv Bajaj was born to a family of business leaders and entrepreneurs. His father was a billionaire and businessman who took over the leadership of the Bajaj Group in 1965. This was a company that was founded by Jamnalal Kaniram Bajaj in 1926. The company is a multinational conglomerate, and it is one of the largest conglomerates that are based in Mumbai. During his tenure at the company, Bajaj has worked in various roles. He served as the head of finance, legal and international business. He also served as the Executive Director of Bajaj Auto and he has also served as the Chairman of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance . Sanjiv Bajaj went on to serve as Managing Director and the Chairman of Bajaj Findserv. Bajaj Findserv is a non banking financial service company , and it specializes in wealth management, insurance and lending. 

Biography of Sanjiv Bajaj 

Sanjiv Bajaj was born in 1969 to a family of business people; he is the great grandson of the founder of Bajaj Group. Bajaj attended a Catholic school as a young boy, and he went on to get his Bachelors in mechanical engineering from the University of Prune. Later, he went to the University of Warwick and Harvard Business School. Sanjiv was always interested in his family’s business, and his goal was to work to improve and grow the company. During his tenure at the company, Bajaj catapulted the Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company to the 2nd most profitable insurance company in the country. 


Q: Who is Sanjiv Bajaj Married to?

A: He is married to Shefali Bajaj: they have two children.

Q: Where was Sanjiv Bajaj born?

A: He was born in Pune,India.

Q: What is his net worth?

A: He has a networth of 8.2 billion.

Q: When did he start his career?

A: He Started his career in 1995.

Q: What is the profession of Sanjiv Bajaj?

A: He is an entrepreneur and a businessman. He is also a mechanical engineer by trade.