Sarah Attar: Winning Races and the Hearts of Saudi Citizens

Dec/30/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Sarah Attar
Image credits: Brett Jordan via Unsplash

The 2016 Rio Olympics

When we think of the Olympics, we imagine athletes pursuing greatness with each hurdle, sprint, marathon and toss of a ball. However, for Sarah Attar, her success meant the start of something different: giving women from the Middle East a means of pursuing their life’s mission.

Attar has a unique set of circumstances: she holds a dual citizenship in the United States and Saudi Arabia. Given her multicultural background, the Olympic committee presented her with a wildcard entry position to represent Saudi Arabia in the 2016 Olympic games, a title never before held by a female competitor before.

According to Sarah Attar, the key to her massive success in the realm of running and politics lies in her ability to remain patient and perseverant in the face of adversity. More importantly, Sarah uses her spare time to set goals for the distant horizon, crushing each workout and improving her skillset tenfold. Rather than waiting for opportunity to show up on her doorstep, she slowly and methodically chases it each day through disciplined behavior, belief and training.

Although her journey to the Olympic stage was anything but easy, Attar finished gracefully and represented the Saudi Arabian female population in more ways than one. Prior to the 2016 games, Saudi Arabia forbade any female competitor from representing their region based on underlying political and religious beliefs. Although Attar believes work needs to be done before the country gives women the full access they deserve, she thinks 2016 marked a step in the right direction.

SEEMA’s Mission

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Stories like Sarah Attar’s not only give women the courage and motivation to tackle their own set of obstacles with newfound vigor, but it also shifts the course of time for women in the future. SEEMA is a hub for all things related to crushing one’s goals, creating new visions for the future and pushing past self-limiting boundaries. If this philosophy tugs at your heartstrings, let SEEMA illuminate your life’s path.


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