Sarasvathy TK and The Art of Food

Jun/16/2022 / by Team SEEMA

SEEMA had the chance to attend and bask in the glory of the art of Sarasvathy TK titled Bhojan at the Foley Gallery, an artist specializing in tantalizing the palette in more ways than one: by creating photorealistic paintings of food, specifically South Asian cuisine.

Not only did the exhibit serve as a showcase for her art, but it also featured more mouthwatering delights translated to actual intricate servings of food for the patrons.


Not to mention a third kind of stimulation for the mind in the form of a panel discussion involving Barkha Cardoz, Managing member of the Cardoz legacy, Chitra Agarwal, Founder of Brooklyn Delhi, Zainab Shah, contributor for Bon Appetit, Saveur, NYT Cooking, and Director of Audience at Talking Points Memo, and the artist herself, with India Witkin, creator and host of the podcast Eating America with India, as the moderator.

The curator of the exhibition, Shilpi Chandra stated, “Besides the pure artistic skill on display in these highly realistic paintings, Sarasvathy opens up a new avenue of exploration for the neo-photorealist movement.


“Paintings of Indian food are not usually seen in NY art galleries and I am happy that we can change that. ”

According to Sarasvathy, “I use strong images of food to recreate on canvas the associations that come with it—memories of Mother cooking for you, favorite dishes, the first tastes of a new cuisine, or a joyous evening with friends. 

“What we cook is an expression of who we are and where we come from. Food is one thing that we all have in common and it plays such a central role in every culture, globally.”

You can check out more of her art here