Satya Nadella takes the lead at Microsoft’s

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Satya Nadella
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Satya Nadella is the CEO and the chairman of Microsoft. Satya Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992, and it was apparent from the start that he was going to stand out as a leader in the company. Satya Nadella was born in India, and later moved to the United States. Satya Nadella earned a bachelors in electrical engineering from the Mangalore University, and he received his masters degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Later, he obtained his master’s degree in business administration from the University of Chicago. During his tenure at Microsoft, Satya Nadella led huge projects. One of the projects included the move to cloud computing, and he also was made the president of Microsoft’s billion dollar server and Tool business. Nadella has been credited with growing Microsoft’s crowd services to over $20 billion in revenue.

A Biography on Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella was born in Telangana, India. He was born to a Hindu family, and he attended public school locally. He went on to travel to the United States to study at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. While he was there, he received his degree in computer science. Nadella went on to obtain his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Right after college, Nadella worked in Sun Microsystems. Soon after that, he took a position at Microsoft. While working at Microsoft, Nadella proved himself to be an outstanding leader. During his tenure, he was able to greatly increase the company’s revenue through his insights and experience. Nadella is a man who loves to read American and Indian poetry. His favorite sport is cricket, and he and his wife are part owners of a major league soccer team.

FAQ about Satya Nadella

Q: Who is Satya Nadella Married to?

A: He is married to Anupama Nadella, and they have 2 children.

Q: What is his Net Worth?

A: He is worth an estimated $835 million dollars.

Q: Where was he born?

A: He was born in Telangana, India.

Q: What is his Profession?

A: He is the Chairman and CEO of Microsoft.

Q: What is the latest News on Satya Nadella?

A: He has taken time away from the company to grieve the loss of his 26 year old son. The family has asked for time to grieve privately; Zain Nadella, passed away early this year.