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4 years ago / by Veena Upadhyay
Veena Upadhyay

I work as a scientist at a leading pharmaceutical company in the US. While I review and write scientific and medical information for pharmaceutical product labels professionally, I also enjoy as well as follow textiles, fashion, styles and trends. Over the years, I have developed a liking for particular designers who fascinate and continue to inspire me, following their work and the evolution of their own styles. I wanted to share some of these designers with you.

Christian Louboutin

His iconic red soles give me the strength and power to keep going, even today. It’s funny but those iconic red sole shoes inspire me to stay healthy, keep my knees good and keep going even today so I continue to wear them for a long time. Here I am with Christian Louboutin at his store in New York. They continue to remain my favorite pair of shoes!

Veena Upadhyay


The EKA brand is all about clothes made from natural and breathable textiles, in simple shapes and hand crafted details. It is one of the many reasons that I enjoy wearing them. Every EKA garment evokes some sense of culture from where it originates. They are so easy to wear that you can live in these clothes. I particularly enjoy layering her pieces. From linen to silk and wool, I am a true fan of the entire collection. Her clothes are real for real women and my collection of eka garments travel with me around the globe for all occasions.

Veena Upadhyay


Love the Péro style, so whimsical and so stylish. ‘Péro’ means ‘to wear’ in Marwari, the local language of Rajasthan. Péro interprets international aesthetic using local material and skills, taking inspiration from what surrounds us, to make a product that connects with people, wherever in the world it is placed. Materials pass through the hands of one craftsperson to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of hand-crafting and creating pieces that are at once unique. I always enjoy discovering the smallest hidden details on my Péro garments, especially that one hidden heart.

Veena Upadhyay

Seema Kahai

Exceptional designs of kaftans and resortwear made of indigenous desi textiles, handwoven softest mulmul in pure indigo hand block! Here garments are so ‘flowy’ and feminine, yet bold and modern at the same time!

I love the Seema Kahai clothes because they are so versatile, from the beach to the city to the African safari.