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SEEMA gifting guide

Dec/20/2021 / by Nupur Bhatnagar

Don’t know what to gift your friends and family this holiday season? Here are some unique recommendations from SEEMA, south asian style.

1 .Sweets from Tagmo

$26.99 for each 9-piece box, $46.99 for each 16-piece box

Tingle your sweet buds with something unique this holiday season with this collection of classic and custom flavors. Vegetarian and gluten-free, these sweets make for an ideal gift for someone who likes to jazz up things a notch. Founded by award-winning chef Surbhi and run by women of color, Tagmo is a story of cultural exchange through Indian food and specialty sweets.

It supports and collaborates with small firms that are run by South Asians, women, or queer folk. 

2. Geometric Pattern Pens and Pencil Set from the Met Museum


Roll over, hackneyed gifts. SEEMA suggests exquisite rollerball pens and mechanical pencils that are an art in themselves for your someone special. Inspired by Islamic architectural elements from 14th century Egypt and 16thcentury Indian ‘Jali,’ these items evoke history and grandeur.

3. Kvetcher Glasses from Eyebobs

Starting from $95

Looking for something‘eye-catching this season? Get daring with these bold Kvetcher glasses and rock every entrance you make! Available as reading glasses, blue light glasses, prescription glasses and with progressive lenses. From the youngest to the oldest, SEEMA recommends these standouts to those ready to be barraged by compliments.

4. Personalized Dog Parent Mug from Uncommon Goods


Gift your canine lover a present that will warm their hearts up — a 10 oz porcelain mug with a custom portable portrait of your favorite human-canine duo, SEEMA assures you it will make that morning cup of tea even more refreshing. Made in the United Kingdom, each cup tells its very own story.

5. Glow-Activating Exfoliator from Aavrani


Infused with turmeric and formulated with purifying anti-inflammatory ingredients like neem, organic turmeric, jojoba and raw honey, SEEMA recommends this dual-purpose cleanser and clay mask that will exfoliate and brighten your skin tone. Originating from its founder and CEO Rooshy’s desire to get back to her Indian roots, Aavrani is a brand that brings traditional Indian beauty remedies on the world stage. Isn’t that something that all of us aspire to do- hang on tight to our roots? 

6. Eyes of India Eyeshadow Palette from Bili Beauty

bili beauty


Gift a bit of India with the ‘eyes of India eyeshadow palette’ this season. Made from 10 gorgeously pigmented shades, from rich neutrals to bright pops of color, made with all organic ingredients and colors that complement Indian beauty, Bili Beauty is the fruition of Founder/CEO Sarah Sophy Thomas’s journey to get Indian beauty products to the world.

7. Desai Foundation

There is something magical about doing something good for someone you don’t know, but you know needs you. Donate to a cause through the Desai Foundation. Help a little child in India get the education she cannot otherwise afford. Give a mother a vocation she so deserves. Or help fund COVID relief work that can benefit thousands. The foundation works to cultivate dignity so that dreams become achievable. Started in 1997 by Samir A. Desai and Nilima Desai, the Desai Foundation has impacted over 1,500,000 lives. Yes, you can make a difference, too!

8. The South Asian Council for Social Services

Do you want to pass on your feeling of gratitude for your warm homes and full bellies? Donate to SACSS to help South Asian immigrants in need — from food security to health access. Founded in 2000, this year the organization has served over 30,000 immigrants. There is a vicarious satisfaction in giving, is there not?

9. Jaypore Cufflinks


The special man in your life deserves something personal – a present that keeps only him in mind. Gift him handcrafted cuff links from Jaypore, in which no two pieces are alike, and see him grin from ear to ear. Sophistication comes free with a gift this stylish, SEEMA assures you!

10. Mom on Top Shop


Looking for something for a new mom or anyone who could use some pampering, given the dry skin or scar/stretch marks they have to deal with? The Shake It and Bake It butter creams from Mom on Top Shop for moms-to-be or moms constantly on the move is sure to win you a warm hug of love.

11. “The Soul Catcher,” a novel by Monica Bhide

Kindle: $4.99. Paperback: $19.99

Looking for a gift this season for someone who reads with every breath they take? Well, Monica Bhide’s “The Soul Catcher” is the book for them. Set in modern India, where time and space are fluid, the novel in series is a touching narrative that explores what makes us human: fear of death, a desire to live and a longing for love. Available on Kindle and in paperback.

12. “A Piece of Peace,” a novel by Sweta Vikram

Kindle: $4.95. Paperback:  $ 18.38

Although we all can do with a book like “A Piece of Peace,” this one will be particularly valuable to those finding their way to wellness and healing. An autobiographical account of one woman’s battle with a near-fatal disease, this is a narrative about human resilience about the power of mindful living through the author’s recommendations and expert interviews. A perfect gesture for someone you care for. 

13. Custom prints at Met Museum

Starting from $30

At your wits end as to what to get for that art aficionado on your gifting list? Look no farther! SEEMA recommends quality art prints of your favorite artist, from Monet to Van Gogh, without breaking the bank and without leaving the comfort of your room. Order online and choose the art and artist of your choice. No gift is as precious as the one which has your personal touch. 

14. House of Masaba

The Yellow Blooming Cow Saree for $200

Gift this season the grandeur of the Indian sari or the pizzazz of the Indo-Western garment to the lady you know will rock any look! For mom, sister or friend, SEEMA recommends designer, yet totally identifiable, clothing by the House of Masaba. Watch them get admired, and don’t forget to tell us when you see them gleam with pride!

15. 3-Ingredient Moong Bean Scrub from Payaru


Try Payaru’s 3-Ingredient Moong Scrub after a long day for a smoother, clearer and rejuvenated skin. Not only will the mild kaolin clay and natural vegetable glycerin that soothe your senses make for a perfect gift, SEEMA’s recommendation comes for the ocean-friendly manufacturing process Payaru practices, something that makes your heart feel just as good as your skin. Co-Founder and President of Payaru, Priyanka goes back to her roots with this mung bean formula that she inherited, like many of us, from our grandmas.  

16. Olive and Cocoa

Starting from $50

Imagine the glee on their faces when you gift them this gourmet box of treats! From cheeses and crackers to spicy salsa, salami, rosemary crisps and chocolate, each box screams to be devoured instantly! Perfect for gifting in their hand-crafted wood crate and signature Olive and Cocoa canvas totes, these indulgent goodies are sure to elevate your wishes to the next level. 

17. Whiskey Stories

What do you gift someone who not only loves their whiskey, but also owns every conceivable kind? An entire immersive experience! Michelin Guide Recommended Whiskey Stories uses sight, sound, touch, fragrance and romances with your sensory elements to tell the story of the whiskey you love. Founder/CEO Rachna Hukmani is the first South Asian woman to start a whiskey company and has helped whiskies like The Macallan Double Cask, Highland Park Magnus and more.  

Reserve tickets for her next experience and feel the thrill of seeing something so unique!


18. Paintings by The Rural Painter

An ideal gift for the art connoisseur. Well, while you’re out looking, SEEMA recommends getting one for yourself too! Transcend borders and bring home curated art from South East Asian artists — paintings in vibrant colors that are yet so calming. Through ‘The Rural Painter,’ Anu Bhat just made that search simpler, with artists from Bali, Ho Chi Minh, Nepal and Denang opening their art for the world to value.

“Meditate” by Ketut Badiawan from Bali, Indonesia with its bright colors and bold knife strokes makes for an exclusive gift. Contact the sellers for more information on the painting. 

19. Aysha NY Earrings

Price on request 

These dazzling fringe earrings are the nonpareil adornment for the ambitious, successful woman whose individuality shines through her impeccable style. Wear these delicately crafted beauties to a meeting or to a gathering and watch heads turn as you command the floor with your confidence. It comes from Aysha NY, an ethical, sustainable luxury women’s brand set to empower women.

20. Emily Cashmere Pullover from Maison de Papillon


Looking for something chic and stylish but you know ‘she’ won’t compromise on comfort? This lush Emily Cashmere Pullover from Maison de Papillon is the only thing you’ll ever need. ‘She’ can keep it simple with jeans or dress it up with heels! Trust us, she will love you for this unimpeachable choice of present! And what better season for a warm pullover than this cold Holiday season! 


Bravo Anjali! by Sheetal Sheth


In this follow-up to the award-winning book “Always Anjali”, author Sheetal Sheth expertly dabbles with the themes of friendship and staying true to our passion, even as she highlights deeper issues of gender stereotypes and expectations. The charming story along with the lovely illustrations by Lucia Soto will delight children of all genders and ethnicities, and grown-ups too! 

EXCLUSIVE recommendation from SEEMA / Editor in chief recommends 

My Life in Full: Work, Family, and Our Future by Indra Nooyi 


As CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi was the first woman of color and immigrant to run a Fortune 50 company. Helming the company for over a decade, Nooyi transformed PepsiCo with her strategic vision and a deep sense of purpose. Her recently released memoir offers a view into her career and the sacrifices she made along the way. Starting from her childhood, education, early career and her ascension through the company ranks, Nooyi recounts the difficulties she faced managing her demanding job with a family. Through her story, she makes a case for improving company and community support for families, as well as for businesses and government to improve work conditions and offer flexibility. Written with honesty and grace, this book is an essential read for any woman working her way up the corporate ladder. 


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