SEEMA Goes Digital: Announcing the SEEMA Magazine App

Jun/30/2020 / by Seema Kumar

SEEMA platforms will go digital starting in July 2020.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and SEEMA is innovating and pivoting in this age of virtual reality by going digital. With print and physical events no longer being viable options, SEEMA is beginning a digital transformation. Today we are proud to launch the SEEMA app, where we will publish a digital magazine and a digital Weekly edition. It’s a vibrant new addition to our dynamic portfolio of an online content hub, our social media networks, and our virtual events.

Enter a whole new digital SEEMA world with the SEEMA app, now downloadable on Apple on the app store at, on Google Play at We will also be on Amazon, and you can also go here to to view it on a web reader.

On the app you’ll find articles, features, videos, and audio showcasing strong and extraordinary South Asians who are embarking into the unknown, charting new territories, blazing new trails, and pivoting to create opportunity and shape the new world. Discover layers of content as we grow and add more features and products. Let us surprise and delight you over the next six months with new journeys and discoveries (while our content is still free). In 2021-2022, we will move to a subscription model, with some content available for free and prime content available for purchase or via subscription.

Just when you think you have reached the limit, you find you still have a long way to go, and must reach beyond and push those limits.

SEEMA, like many others, found itself in that state when the pandemic hit New York City this spring and decided to go digital. 

Just a few days before the lockdown, SEEMA held its first summit, on March 8 (International Women’s Day), in NYC. Celebrating one year of SEEMA, a multidimensional platform to connect and empower South Asian women globally, the summit represented the culmination of a year of content creation showcasing South Asian women leading and breaking barriers in all walks of life. As a dynamic online content hub, a printed magazine, and social media, SEEMA aims to significantly increase the visibility and representation of South Asian women in the mainstream and catalyze a powerful new network for change.

The summit was a success, and to this day those of us who attended think of it fondly as one of the last times we gathered together before the pandemic hit and the world changed. (See pictures of our time together here.)

We invite you to download our new app. We welcome your ideas, feedback, suggestions. And as always, we are here to champion South Asians and minority women.

Our goal is to continue to push South Asian women beyond their own limits , convene a strong leadership community of successful South Asian women, support and stimulate entrepreneurship, curate specialty products made by South Asian women owned businesses, and invest in the next generation of South Asian women leaders.

Join the cause by agreeing to be featured and by helping us reach other South Asian women in your network. We are always available at

I invite you to join me on this virtual and digital journey as we come together as a community to lift each other and support each other and lead a change for a better world. Download the SEEMA app and be a part of our exciting new path.

Check out our latest issue of the SEEMA Magazine.


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