SEEMA Health: Keeping fit during the pandemic

Sep/20/2020 / by seemadmin

I am a certified personal trainer. I lead classes mostly for women and men looking to lose weight and have fun doing it. Being stuck at home due to COVID-19 isn’t easy, but we’re adjusting. I’ve been teaching my classes on Zoom and we’re all still having a blast! I’ll give you a simple, effective and fun 30- minute workout that you can do at home, and even some ways to modify it to keep it fresh.

The Basics

Before we start, make sure your doctor has given you the go ahead to do intense exercise. This workout will take you only about 30 minutes, but it can be tough!

You’ll need some kind of timer and a pair of dumbbells (but you can go without the dumbbells if you don’t have any). First warm up for around five minutes by doing a few jumping jacks, lunges, squats, arm circles, and gentle twists.

Once you’re warm, jump in! You’ll be doing four rounds of two exercises each. You’ll do exercise A for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, then do exercise B and rest for 15 seconds. Do each round four times before moving on. Rest 30 seconds between each round.

The Exercises

Now that you know the basic format, here are your exercises.

Round 1

  • Standing Heel Tap – From a standing position, lift your right foot and bring your heel to waist height and tap it with your palm. Repeat with your left foot and keep going as fast you can while keeping good posture.
  • Lunge, Curl, Press – Grab a pair of dumbbells. From a standing position, step forward with your right foot into a lunge position while simultaneously performing a biceps curl. Return to the original position and repeat with your left foot. Tip: You can do this without dumbbells. Just go through the same motion empty-handed. To keep it fresh, add kick.

Round 2

  • Renegade Row – Grab your dumbbells. Get in a pushup position with your dumbbells in hand. Keep your back straight and stay parallel to the ground while you pull one dumbbell at a time straight up in a rowing motion. Tip: You can do this from your knees if you want. You can also do this without dumbbells.
  • Pushups – Get back in your pushup position – either from your knees or your feet. Keep your back straight, elbow in tight, and bring your chest to the ground (not your forehead!).

Round 3

  • High Knees – Simple and intense! You’re not just running in place, you’re sprinting! Get those knees up over waist height if you can and go go go! Tip: You can make this easier if you have to by marching in place instead of running it out. Switch to butt kicks if you want variety.
  • Crunches – Lay on your back with your knees up. Tighten your abs and smash your lower back into the floor. Touch your ears lightly. Using only your core, crunch your elbows up toward your knees and squeeze. Hold for a second and lower down.

Round 4

  • Jumping Jacks – Everybody’s favorite! Keep your back straight, keep your arms mostly straight, and have at it. Tip: If you have problems with your knees or you need to reduce the intensity, try step jacks instead. Raise your arms above your head while stepping to one side, then to the other.
  • Squat Jump – Stand with your legs a little wider than shoulder width apart. Keep your abs tight, your back straight and perform a squat. Now instead of simply standing up – leap! If you’re feeling super strong, see how high you can get! Think of powering up from your hips. Tip: If you have knee or foot trouble or you can’t jump for any reason, perform normal squat, and when you stand up, raise up on to your tippy toes.

Cool Down

You’re done! Now spend five to ten minutes stretching, take some deep breaths, and drink some water. You may want a small, healthy snack to help you recover, as well.

You can come back to this routine any time you need a quick, intense workout!

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