February 2021

The SEEMA Magazine February Issue: It’s All About Love:

It’s February and love is in the air. As we get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this issue of SEEMA magazine focuses on love of all kinds.

It’s time to put aside cynicism, open our hearts to Cupid’s arrow and throw ourselves headlong into that intoxicating feeling called love — even if is for just a day. Remember the first time you fell in love? Your pulse quickening, your heart skipping a beat, butterflies in your stomach in anticipation to see the loved one? We may be socially distanced now, but Valentine’s Day is a reminder that the intimacy of the heart and emotional closeness to a loved one are alive and kicking.

From our cover story of Raj and Bryan, a gay couple who have a relationship that many heterosexual couples could only dream about, to the vignettes of 41 South Asian women who share what they cherish beyond romantic love, to India’s Instagram Love Project, which documents the stories of inter-faith and inter-racial relationships that push the boundaries of caste and religion, we hope to bring you inspiring stories you will fall in love with. Plus, we cover books, cocktails, dating apps, your horoscope, and more. We welcome you to sit back, flip through and send us your comments. Happy Valentine’s Day!