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Jan/12/2023 / by Farzana Suri




March 21 – April 19

No matter what life throws your way, you are connected to the Divine and pure loving energy. There is renewed hope and faith, for you are truly blessed by the Universe. Pitch for a new contract, throw your hat in the ring for the promotion or ask for a raise. You have a window of opportunity to make these things happen, so don’t allow the grass to grow under your feet. Release any baggage you are carrying in love. It is time to accept the ones you love the way they are. You are entering a loving phase in your life. Financially, things are likely to be positive. Celebrate the little victories.



April 20 – May 20

Your victory lies in your independence, confidence, optimism and unbridled energy. You have a chance to make a positive splash if what you are doing is in alignment with what elevates your spirit. Assert yourself and do not allow any competition to buckle you. Being spontaneous in life and love, could go a long way. Get out there and mingle in case, love is what you seek. Follow your intuition and focus on what you want. There’s an opportunity to achieve a level of financial comfort where you are able to do both – make or receive a good amount of money and know how to hold onto it, too.



May 21 – June 20

Set your sights on your vision and boss up, especially in your career, finance and business. Make sure that you stay in control of your energy and your resources. Get financially conscious and learn more about investments for long-term growth. In your career, success comes when you lead with accountability. Give it your absolute best and stop settling! Take the time before you trust or open up to people. In the affairs of the heart, be prepared to take things slow and easy. Your victory lies in the discipline of your daily routine and ability to manage your wealth, investing wisely for the long-term. Eat right, work out, and take care of your mind, body and soul.



June 21 – July 22

It may be time to back off, regroup and consider whether you need to change direction if things are not moving. You may need to make hard decisions and set your sights on that one key goal, until it is achieved. Shake off the emotional clutter and distance yourself from any drama and politics you may be pulled into. A good time to travel, relocate or invest in a new pair of wheels. Focus and recommit yourself to a project or relationship you may have been making excuses about. Your relationship is likely to evolve into something more solid with open communication or much-needed space. Your intuition is your compass; follow it.



July 23 – August 22

It is time to make peace with the past so you can focus on the present where the magic lies. There is a possibility of a new source of income arriving. Be bold and ask, seek support, willingly, and it will be given. Let go of the emotions, energies and circumstances that no longer serve you. Allow yourself to have a curious mind and unleash your inner child – free yourself with spontaneity. Rekindle some of your lost loves, either people or passion projects. Invest in yourself to the point that other people want to invest in you, too. Be kind and compassionate with those who need it most and yourself.



August 23 – September 22

Embrace new perspectives to overcome any challenge at hand. Take a brainy and communicative approach to be victorious. Heed warnings when they are given but also remember, don’t let your emotions rule your decision. Improved communication is the key for stronger, deeper relationships. Steer clear of toxic people. Your currency is your truth and authenticity. It is an opportune time to work on your goals. The life you deserve is the one you create. It may be a time in your career where you receive a raise, a promotion, or the option to work on a new project. Use all the tools that life is offering you in life and love.



September 23 – October 22

It’s time to think clearly and rationally while making life-altering decisions. You are in a grand moment of becoming and worry and anxiety have no place in this cycle of growth. While all may not seem as it looks, patience will prove fruitful. It may be time to mend fences if you have offended (knowingly or unknowingly) someone in the past. The power of communication can bridge any divide more so in love relationships. Make financial prudence and focus on health, a priority. Make you come first, the struggle you are going through is nearing its end. It’s okay to seek support and find healthy ways to manage your stress.



October 23 – November 21

This isn’t the time for hiding who you are and what you want – be bold and direct. Be open to what others are bringing to the table, too. Rise above your limiting beliefs, people and situations that block your personal and professional growth. A financial windfall, or a new project or a job opportunity, is likely. Your confidence, hard work, and enthusiasm put you in the spotlight. If you are vying for a leadership role, now, is the time to initiate meaningful conversations. Take the lead in the area of love, and remember, relationships thrive through communication. Keep a lid on your anger and focus on what lights you up.



November 22 – December 21

Destiny meets opportunity with open arms. Begin implementing your plans and goals with optimism. Look at what you already have at your disposal to be successful in your endeavors. Change is on its way, through new roles, ventures, assignments or a move. Welcome, new friends, ideas and learning. Whether you’re looking for love or wanting to bring your relationship to the next level; have faith in yourself and your dreams. Be mindful of people with hidden agendas and the information you share with others. Independence, initiative and creative expression, are your strengths. Visualize your victory. Avoid the temptation to manipulate or be bossy. Trust what you feel, not what you hear.



December 22 – January 19

Focus your efforts in the right direction rather than spending time and money on projects that won’t help you achieve your goals. Patience pays so put your head down and just keep chipping away. However, if your efforts have not yet yielded the results you anticipated, perhaps your expectations might be unrealistic. Keep your spirits up and continue to create. If things are moving a tad slowly in your relationship, now is not the time to rush. Organize your tasks, step back and take perspective. Focus on the bigger picture, especially in the area of your financial status, property, career or health. The seeds you sow will sprout into blooms of abundance in time!



Jan 20 – Feb 20

All things are possible for you with a new beginning, manifesting for you. Should you take your chances, and work hard, you may be rewarded with a promotion, a business venture, or a job that truly fulfills you. Remember, the seeds for success are planted in the actions you take, today. Be confident that your efforts will pay off. Relationships may feel prosperous and abundant. Some kind of windfall or financial gift is likely to come your way. Take care of your health; and you will be, actually taking care of your wealth. Lighten up and stop being too serious. Allow your new restored sense of self out to play.



Feb 21 – Mar 20

Things may not be going the way you like, but this is no time to throw in the towel. Rise above any politics and drama. Stop playing victim and hoping others will pity you and save you. Let go and accept your current circumstances and recognize that to facilitate renewal there must be a change. If you have been pushing yourself to collapse, then forced rest is on the cards. Things are likely to change in a partnership whether you like it or not. Remember, there’s nothing that can’t be forgiven, repaired or replaced. Keep marching in faith. Avoiding any financial risks at this time can be beneficial for you.

Farzana Suri is a Victory Coach who coaches people through their life’s challenges to take the leap to victory, using the science of numerology.

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