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Mar/07/2023 / by Farzana Suri


March 21 – April 19


Help the universe reach you quicker. Apply for something inspiring. Ask the one you desire out. Make an introduction or pitch that idea – your luck is likely to befriend you! You can make anything happen, so hone your radar to find new opportunities. Or just fly by the seat of your pants, and see where life takes you. Look for smarter ways to make your money grow. Don’t just think outside the box, break it! Follow your instincts and have a blast. All that you have patiently waited for is likely to come your way, so build a life that you are proud of. 


April 20 – May 20


Challenges can be transmuted if you are willing to look at them in a new light. When you grasp your power and wield it, you can go from victim to victor. Heed warnings, but also remember not to let emotions rule all your decisions. Be mindful in money management. It may be a time for a raise, a promotion, or the option to work on a new project. Remember, improved communication is the key to stronger, deeper relationships. It is time for less judgement and more understanding.


May 21 – June 20


You may have an opportunity to collaborate on a project. You may notice that the people appreciate you more. Expect smooth sailing at work and life, with you winning arguments through tact, kindness, and compassion. Ask for help or call in a favor to achieve your goals. It is a good time to bring that passionate romance alive. If single, you may find yourself in a budding relationship, with your feelings being reciprocated. Vet every financial decision. This is a fertile time to plant an affirming and generative seed in your life. What your intuition says is important. Keep giving generously to receive in great measure.


June 21 – July 22


This is an opportune time for you to step out of your comfort zone. Use the time for research on whatever is calling out to you now. Stretch yourself and explore cross-country opportunities. Allow your creative spark to guide you. Dot all the i’s and cross the t’s. What’s coming next could be important. Stay resolute when your plans change with time. It will give you the courage to conquer risks and embrace your future. Seek a mentor to navigate this phase. You are likely to find meaningful love.


July 23 – August 22


Some new information, or a sudden decision, could fundamentally transform your life. That may have you off balance. However, it’s an opportunity to outgrow an old way of doing something. Resisting inevitable change will make it more painful. Let go of fear and take a chance. It is time to reassess, and focus on your career, your relationship, health, and money. Trust that life knows what it’s doing. You can get to your goals if you believe in yourself more. The odds seem to favor you. Love and encourage yourself regardless of what is happening around you. 


August 23 – September 22


The month is a reminder to embrace the ebbs and flows of life. The only constant in this life is change. Nothing stands still, and nothing lasts, forever. If you’ve been going through a challenging time in your life, it signals an end to this difficult period. Make calculated moves. Stop the things you want to stop – a behavior, toxic situations or people – and start the things you want to start. Be the initiator so you can keep things moving in the right direction and create a ripple effect across your life – in love, life, wealth, and health. Everything will work out according to divine intervention and timing. Keep your faith.


September 23 – October 22


Make way for celebrations and reunions. You are likely to be in high spirits and ready to have a good time. Expect new ideas to come to life and be well received by others, too. Working in a team of three will bear positive results, with gains that may warrant a pat on the back. You may land a promotion, a meaningful contract, increase sales or perhaps ace in an evaluation. Be mindful in your relationships and balance your love and friendships. Anything you overdo will not serve your peace. Focus on areas that might be disjointed, and work on piecing them back together. 


October 23 – November 21


Choices will put you in a quandary. Go with whatever your heart says. If unsure, resist the temptation go by impulses, especially at work or with investments. Collaboration, co-operation and alliances are likely to pan out. However, mixing business with romance may not be wise. If you have been short on money, help may be on the way. If you are single, expect the beginnings of a romance. If in an existing relationship, you may renew a soul connection. Leverage the opportunity to invest in your creativity and diplomatic skills.


November 22 – December 21


All you need is in front of you. Let go of your fears to allow you to make a choice and move ahead. In case you are having trouble being motivated or making big decisions, step back, and look at what’s really important to create the best life for yourself. If you wholeheartedly believe in the dream of a fulfilling relationship, job, business or wealth, it’ll come to fruition before you know it. Do not be pressured to take on more than you can. Say ‘no’ to anything that takes away your peace. Accept, receive and be open to the good things being offered to you, at this moment. 


December 22 – January 19


If you are dealing with issues that feel unfair, resolution is on its way. Whatever the struggle – a legal case, job, project or any negotiations – you are likely to settle. It is for the best because, one way or another, balance will be restored, and justice provided. This victory may come, thanks to someone powerful who has your best interests in mind. Stay grounded, grateful, and view things through the lens of the future. It’s also possible that you will sign contracts that power you forward – for a job, project, or an alliance. Be fair and play fair.


Jan 20 – Feb 20


Extricate yourself from limiting beliefs, people, and situations that block your personal and professional growth. Dream big. The universe is setting the stage for a new project or job. Follow your intuition and let the chips fall where they may. Choose a grounded and patient approach. If you are vying for a leadership role, now is the time to initiate meaningful conversations. A financial windfall, or a new project or a job opportunity, is likely. Take the lead in the area of love. Remember, relationships grow through communication. Arrogance, pride, and overconfidence can stomp on your chances of victory. 


Feb 21 – Mar 20


The month is a reminder to keep your head down and finish what you started. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, be it at work, a project, a job, a business opportunity, monetary deal, or personal relationship. No matter how frustrating it may get, be patient and vigilant. At any moment, you can go from waiting on it to walking in it. Pay attention to the unfulfilled voice. Infuse your life with the elements that light you up, such as self-love and time off. Take a little break or focus on the little things that make your life run smoothly. 
Farzana Suri is a Victory Coach who coaches people through their life’s challenges to take the leap to victory, using the science of numerology. For a personalized forecast, contact jer at or visit her website


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