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Mar/06/2023 / by Farzana


March 21 – April 19


It’s time to reflect on your journey, celebrate your victories and express gratitude. Your experiences have prepared you for the next opportunity. Accept and embrace where you are now and make sure you let go of the past and march ahead confidently. Matters related to property, a new business or project may push you out of your comfort zone. An important work trip or relocation for a new job is possible. A close relationship may get more intimate, or an existing one may get even stronger. Keep striding ahead.


April 20 – May 20


This month is good if you are considering moving house or doing some home improvements. Singles may have a long-term relationship. Meet new people and welcome new experiences. At work you may achieve an important milestone – a promotion, raise, a new project that may require you to travel or maybe an industry award. It is a good time to work with, or hire other people. Careful planning will help you keep a good grasp on your finances. Enjoy the outings and meetups and celebrations, just don’t overdo it.


May 21 – June 20


Expect big changes, transformations, and, yes, endings, too. It is time to do things differently. Break away from negative thought loops and start a new chapter. In love, this means evolving as a couple; making a commitment, moving, perhaps considering having a kid. Let go of something in order to move forward. Open yourself up to change at work and get real about what you really want out of your career or money situation. Then formulate a plan. Resisting change will hold you from living up to your potential. Remind yourself that you are resilient, strong, capable and deserve the good coming your way.


June 21 – July 22


If you have been looking to start a new business or project the prospects are positive. Network and connect with those who have the ability to give what you want; you will move farther quicker than expected. In a relationship, you may want to re-examine any one-sided relationships where you feel someone might be taking advantage of your generosity. Be careful not to rack up debt in the name of doing something good for others or for the sake of status. Take care of your needs and the firm or family before trying to give to others. Whatever gift you are about to receive, remember that expressing honest gratitude will encourage the universe to keep blessing you.


July 23 – August 22


Your actions have the power to affect those around you. Be more responsible by showing compassion, taking care of yourself and staying true to your feelings. Share your wisdom to elevate others. If you are called to pursue a creative project or line of work, be open to where it may lead and move with the flow. Expect to re-evaluate and restructure your finances in some way. If you’re thinking of taking your relationship to the next level, go ahead. Take some time to unwind: end your days with a book or listen to music, meditate or write. However, make sure you are doing something that helps you to calm down.


August 23 – September 22


Do you feel overwhelmed at home or at wor? Ask yourself if many of the problems in your life are stemming from self-criticism? Minimize any discouraging self-talk that slows you down. Focus on the present and flip the negative with gratitude journaling. In case you are in constant disagreement with someone close to you at work or personally, have a heart to heart and resolve any misunderstandings or confide in a mentor to seek their help and support. It may give you a new perspective, or even just a place to vent. Set your sights on a new way of thinking, living and loving. Victory is in your hands.


September 23 – October 22


This is not a time to go against the grain, but make vintage cool. Stick to a conservative approach or seek counsel of the elders, to yield better results. Do what is morally acceptable in matters of love and money. Expect long term relationships to emerge in personal or work life. If you’re in a committed relationship you might want to take it to the next level. A spiritual guide or mentor may make an appearance in your life, listen to them and be not proud to seek support, when you are in need. Your work is likely to be appreciated by others and people may turn to you for advice. Be money smart.


October 23 – November 21


Patience is the mantra for the month and a powerful time to listen to your initial feelings, sense of people and situations in your life. Trust what you feel, not what you hear. Set aside your fear and speak up, especially if someone is pushing you to do something that feels wrong. Open conversations will bind relationships. The power of manifestation is at your fingertips. Tighten your belt where finances are concerned. If you feel burnt out, lost or depleted, do rest and get out into nature more often. Look for opportunities to express yourself. Be flexible and adaptable and go with the flow. Use the time to learn and observe.


November 22 – December 21


Trust is the buzzword of this month so look beyond the surface. If you are at risk of being outplayed, assess, research and plan your action. Knowledge is power. Be mindful of where you have been rationalizing to keep yourself ‘safe’. If you are recruiting, involved in a relationship or considering a business collaboration, move with caution and look beyond the usual reference check. Be vigilant in your words, finances, reputation and watch your back. Step up your game and place your trust in the process of your personal growth. In the love area, be more honest with yourself about what you deserve in a relationship.


December 22 – January 19


You may be a ‘busy bee’ juggling several responsibilities however it is wise to divide your energy, time, and resources well and delegate when you can. Keep a tight leash on your finances and cut back on any excess spending. At work, balance and meet important deadlines and work obligations by prioritizing. If your relationship seems to drain you energetically or financially, talk to each other and focus on finding a sense of steadiness. You may be tempted to run off and do something entirely different. Go away for a weekend to recharge and refocus. Seek ways to reduce stress while easing your body and mind.

Jan 20 – Feb 20
You may be at a crossroads. Instead of waiting for the universe to force change upon you, be decisive and do it. Stop leaning on criticism and judgments. Take responsibility for your actions, stop doubting yourself, and most importantly, allow yourself to grow and welcome change. Pay attention to the higher frequency of rising above anything that really won’t matter to you in the next 5 years. Step into a new timeline at work and in the way you assess your relationships. They thrive when you look for similarities more than your differences. A good time to accelerate the projects that you may be procrastinating. Rest and restart; your efforts define your victories.


Feb 21 – Mar 20


It’s harder to see clearly when it’s dark and hazy outside, right? Lift the cloud of your imagination. Your feelings and sensitivity can trick you into seeing things that don’t exist. Slow down and seek more information, to gain clarity before making a move at work or financially or in an uncertain situation that may confront you. Avoid making rash or impulsive decisions. Relationships may seem a bit strained, so be patient. Move through this change with ease and grace rather than fear and resistance. Look for cosmic signs from the universe. Reach out to a coach, or any support system to guide you through this phase.

Farzana Suri is a Victory Coach who coaches people through their life’s challenges to take the leap to victory, using the science of numerology. For a personalized forecast, you may contact Farzana at or visit her website:


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