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Jan/09/2023 / by Farzana Suri



March 21 – April 19

It feels like a perfect time for new beginnings and major changes in life, health, relationships and finances that may shape your life this year. You are going to be pushed to your limits, and there will be moments where you feel like giving up. Everything will work out in the end. Do not give up on yourself or your dreams. It could well be your time to shine! You may find money or opportunities falling into your lap when you need them most. Pay attention to your love relationships. Invest in travel or a short getaway.

2023: Keep an open mind and adapt to the new changes that may present themselves. Don’t over-commit or extend yourself, financially if it doesn’t feel right. Implement lifestyle choices that will benefit your health.


April 20 – May 20

This is the best time to take advantage of positive changes that are happening in your life, but also to embrace the challenges that come with growth. You will be working hard, and it will be worth it. Conquer your inner worries and believe in yourself to take the leap. Relationships thrive with positive reinforcement, encouragement, and compassion. There’s no need to push. Be cautious in business situations, for the other party may not have your best interest in mind. Assertively, discipline yourself and set an example of integrity. Allow what’s meant for you to come with ease.

2023: Focus on doing what you want to do, instead of being caught up in what other people think of you. Reading the fine print, now can save you a lot of headaches, later.


May 21 – June 20

Now is the time to take the room by storm and tackle your goals with dedication. You have the energy, confidence, and passion to make things happen and lead others powerfully. If you have been considering starting a business or embarking on a new job, your ideas will come to fruition. Use this time to heal any negative programming that is stopping you from getting where you would like to be. If in a relationship, this is the year to deepen your bond. Expand your financial profile through new investments, or perhaps start a side hustle.

2023: As you navigate this time in your life, focus on the power of now however, keep your vision in sight. Be patient, listen to your intuition, and know that the universe is working on your behalf.


June 21 – July 22

You may find that the only way to fix a problem, sometimes is to leave it and move on. You are headed towards a much better position in life, so long as you are willing to evolve and shed everything that holds you back. The probability of you moving house, evolving in a relationship, going through a mental shift, changing jobs or an elevation, is likely. As you find material stability, let past experiences remind you to keep an eye out on behaviors that perpetrate a pattern in your financial investments, personal relationships and career dealings.

2023: Patience and gratitude are key. This is not a time to tuck tail and run but stay steadfast and complete whatever you undertake. It’s important you must look ahead and not just backwards or, you may risk falling over.


July 23 – August 22

The year indicates happier times, uplifting and positive energy and good feelings. You find people from your past coming back into your life. Weddings, engagement parties, baby showers and other celebrations keep you heady and inspire you to spend quality time with people you cherish. Money makes its way to you but you could find yourself spending a lot, perhaps on these celebrations. Focus on areas that might be disjointed, and work on piecing them back together one at a time. You may land a new contract, relocate, increase sales, or get a promotion. Be mindful and balance your love and friendships.

2023: The work that you put in, is likely to pay off. Be discerning of superficial relationships. Enjoy yourself but be focus on the impact excessive indulgence could have on your health and aim for moderation.


August 23 – September 22

Your life is blessed and not through luck, but hard work and efforts. It will reveal itself through a fruitful job, wise financial decisions, a secure home life, and a dedicated and long-term relationship or the arrival of new love in your life, if you are single. The possibility of an unexpected windfall is high. Property may be on your mind – to purchase, sell, renovate or construct your dream house. Your employment and career path seem solid and may support you monetarily in the long haul. Be an example of healthy living through your decisions and deeds.

2023: Spread your generosity and make sure your self-worth is not tied to your riches. A good time to prepare for the future and build a legacy like beginning a pension, creating a will, or long range investments.


September 23 – October 22

Get your life in order, and focus on more pressing priorities. Visualize your goal, chart the course of action, and then stick to it, relentlessly with focus, dedication, and determination. Make sure everything is planned and executed, down to the minutest detail. You thrive when you accept any responsibility given without any complaints or grudges. In the area of love, you may want to take things slow and easy. Stable love needs time and consistent effort to blossom. If you are in search of financial or work security, it will reach you even if it is beneath mountains.

2023: Use your routine to increase your productivity without stifling your creative spark and spirit of innovation. Follow your sense of duty however quash the need to seek perfection or fall prey to workaholism.


October 23 – November 21

While you may be at a crossroad, moving forward is your best bet. That requires you to make some life-changing decisions. To reap the fruits of your labor and soar to greater heights, get real with yourself. Share your challenges and fears with those who can nudge you on the path to victory. If you’ve been working your fingers to the bone, your efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded. In the matters of finance, rushing in will only ruin your chances of success. Communication is the secret sauce of empowering relationships. Take the time to truly connect with your partner.

2023: Allow yourself to have a fresh start but don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned. Tune in to a higher frequency in life and love. Expect new contracts being signed and/or some positive cash flow.


November 22 – December 21

It is time to take a step back and reflect on where you’ve been and where do you want to go from here. Rely more on yourself for answers, intuition, and guidance. Big changes and money are no longer the oxygen that keeps your pulse moving. Conservative spending, is the need of the hour. In relationships, let go of the past to understand each other, better. Release the brakes and go with the flow, great things are on the anvil. A good time to declutter, detox and drop the past where it belongs – behind.

2023: Detach yourself from the chaos around you and lean into a more level-headed state of spiritual reflection and soul-searching. Specialization and focus are the buzzwords. Instead of being obsessed by material or spiritual pursuits, aim for balance.


December 22 – January 19

While you may seem to stand alone, given your strength and determination, you have the vision to push through any adversity and come out victorious. Fight your corner, stand tall, if people challenge your belief system or call your morals into question. For the singles, change your modus operandi and do things, differently. In an existing relationship, you can withstand any challenge, as long as you’re willing to work things out and work for it. Protect what you have. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on frivolous purchases. Mute, unfollow and block, anything that’s taking away your power.

2023: The life you deserve is the one you create so be intentional about it. This is not a year to dig your heels in and declare a my-way-or-the-highway approach. Take breaks and pace yourself so your health doesn’t suffer.


Jan 20 – Feb 20

Be careful of what you wish as not everything may be as rosy as it looks. Your decisions in the present will bear significant consequences on what lies ahead. Delay any important decisions until you are clear on the objective or till it feels right. Be mindful of setting unrealistic expectations for yourself in your career lest it results in disappointment. If financial or romantic opportunities seem too good to be true right now, they probably are. Your current relationship may need some TLC, so invest time and energy in nurturing it.

2023: Stop dreaming and start doing to invent a new and radiant future. Remember, your outcomes are not set in stone. Release outdated energy and don’t overplay your part in anyone’s life.


Feb 21 – Mar 20

The universe is aligning to bring positive changes, your way. You are in the right place, doing the right thing and achieving what you have envisioned to create a beautiful life. Make a brave move and put your original ideas into practice with focus, tenacity, and grit. However, play your cards close to your chest. You might be presented with an opportunity to mentor someone or be mentored. For those who are looking for a job or property, new opportunities emerge. Manifest the magic of a new relationship, or honor your current one with the gift of your attention.

2023: Independence, initiative and creative expression, are your strengths. Use these gifts, wisely. You might finally feel more like yourself than you have felt in a long while. Vet new acquaintances or new projects in business.

Farzana Suri is a Victory Coach who coaches people through their life’s challenges to take the leap to victory, using the science of numerology. For a personalized forecast, you may contact Farzana at or visit her website


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