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Jul/27/2022 / by Team SEEMA

TEAM SEEMA shares a handy list of things they always pack for their travels.

Travel Jewelry Case

A must-have for business and pleasure trips. An essential item that can hold all your jewelry in one place without getting entangled. It can hold necklaces, earrings and even a bangle roll.

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Airplane Seat Back Organizer

Save yourself from losing your gadgets, especially the all-important phone, in the seat pocket of an airplane. The airplane seat back organizer keeps all your personal items in clear view. It also has expandable pockets so that you don’t have to stow your bag under the seat.

Monogrammed Leather Charger Roll Up

Keep all your electronic small essentials to the pockets inside, roll it up and secure it with the leather tie to keep organized on the go.

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Sleepy Ride – on the Plane

It is an airplane footrest made with premium memory foam to help prevent swelling and soreness. It also works well for those with shorter legs.

Kipling Travel Accessories

Wheeled backpacks make great carry-on luggage, offering a much-needed respite when carrying your bag on your shoulders gets a bit too much. If you’re waiting in a line, perhaps at the airport or in a hotel, the wheels of your backpack give you the opportunity to rest your back. Match it with a lightweight cross bag for all your documents and passports. Personalize it with a custom font monogram.

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Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I never get time on holidays to wash and dry my hair, but with all the travel and summer heat, the hair gets greasy and needs a refresh. It’s dry shampoo to the rescue. This dry shampoo has a yummy scent, and is suitable for most hair types and weather conditions.

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BAGAIL Packing Cubes

I love vacations, but abhor packing for them. But the discovery of these packing cubes has taken so much stress out of the holiday preps. They come in various sizes and colors, help me keep everything organized, and you can fit a lot into your luggage!

Hoka Walking Shoes

I vote for comfort during a holiday over everything else, and I need a pair of stylish lightweight shoes to take me everywhere without giving me foot pain. Hoka’s wide range is fantastic and great value for money, and the Arahi 6 is a great option.

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