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SEEMA Recommends these products to smell amazing!

Mar/09/2022 / by SEEMA STAFF

On International Fragrance Day (March 21), the SEEMA team suggests their favorite fragrances to rejuvenate your home, uplift your mood, or just smell amazing!

Byredo – Bibliotheque candle

The founder of Byredo – Ben Gorham is half Indian and half Swedish. The brand is famous for its luxury scented candles. The bestselling candles are crafted in elegant black glass featuring black wax and black wicks and will elevate any room in your home.

Shaz & Kiks – With Love, India Moringa Oil

Sisters Shaz Rajashekar and Kiku Chaudhuri grew up in India watching their grandmothers and aunts create beauty products with natural ingredients from their kitchens and gardens. They have introduced products that look and smell entirely unique from other hair products on the market. Single-origin, cold-pressed, premium moringa hair oil sourced directly from a small, sustainable Indian farming community in Tamil Nadu, India. The freshest moringa hair oil, infused with clary sage and vetiver for a natural woodsy aroma. 


Founded in 2007 Kavi (Durga) Moltz of Indian background and her English husband David Moltz, making small batches of scented products of hidden passions and obsessions. Drops of unexpected history and storytelling swirled into grasses, resins, smoke, powder, woods and wild flowers. . The beautifully designed packaging proudly proclaims: small batch handmade olfactory tonics and aromatic formulations.


Dusted is the FIRST terpene fragrance that marries the worlds of fine perfumery and healing oils. With its topical application, not only do you have the aromatic benefits of smelling good but there are added health benefits through hormone balancing aromatherapy and topical application.

Tuscany Lemon Essential Oil

As a recent adopter of essential oils, I’ve begun to love the varied effects the different fragrances have on my mood. I especially love lemon essential oil for an afternoon pick-me-up, when I’m tired or when I feel the need to relax. Juicy Chemistry’s Tuscany Lemon Essential Oil (they ship to the US) is cruelty-free and has no synthetic fragrances added to their bottle.


Lavender’s soothing floral fragrance is hands-down my favorite one around the house. I sometimes dried lavender flowers to my bedtime tea, and add them to my bath. But the best use of lavender is to tie it up in a six-inch square cheesecloth or an old pillow case, then keep it in your closet or drawer with your clothing. Your clothes smell delicious!

Coconut and orchid hair and body mist

A sweet lingering fragrance is just what we need as the temperatures rise. This hair and body mist from Sol de Janeiro is the right combination of tropical and floral with coconut cream and orchid, with just a touch of roasted praline.

Davidoff Cool Water

For those who love the ocean and those who like to keep their fair distance, Davidoff’s original Cool Water scent is a good pick. It’s a mild and refreshing fragrance that evokes a sense of swaying by the beach while still being strong enough to not fade away quickly. It’s for those with more of a penchant for masculine scents, but not going too overboard with it.

Check it out here!

Zara Black

A more balanced fragrance that easily straddles the line between traditionally masculine and feminine scents, going with a combination of a bold, musky touch with sweeter notes of orange blossom and even nutmeg. For anyone who likes a fragrance that just smells good and doesn’t have to conform to one style or the other, this is a good staple to have!

Check it out here!

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