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Jan/21/2022 / by SEEMA STAFF

Teenagers have their own take on things, and interests that confound their parents while laying the groundwork for trends to come. Here, four SEEMA teens weigh in on the products they root for – and really REALLY need to have.

Aaliyah Mehra

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The first must-have product according to me is a portable photo printer! Of course, it’s easy to take pictures on your phone, but being able to hold the picture in your hand feels different! It’s almost like being able to relive the experience. It is even a really cool to be able to give a copy to your friends as a souvenir, so that you can always remember your time spent together.

The second product would definitely be the noise-cancelling headphones! These can be a REAL blessing. Need to study when there’s noise around you in your house? Such headphones can be a savior! Listening to music with them is such a captivating experience! So they help in many ways.

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Paloma Jhingan

Wireless headphones – Apple AirPods 

The first product on my list is a pair of AirPods. These are a bit expensive, and you can probably purchase cheaper alternatives, I find that they are more comfortable as they take the shape of your ear and also have a long battery life. These aren’t noise-cancelling, but they muffle the sounds outside a bit, creating a small barrier with the outside world. This helps deepen my focus, tune into assignments, and allows me to work on something with fewer distractions. This barrier can also help me zone out and take a break when I need it. A major plus point is that the packaging is super compact, so I can carry them literally anywhere.

Stressbusters  – A Pop It 

Mental health is a widely discussed topic. We all have anxieties, some less extreme, some more. Anxiety manifests itself anytime, anywhere, which is why it is good to have a stress buster like ‘A Pop It’ around. Something about popping bubbles – their sound, and their shifting around, does something for us. It’s also nice to have it around when you need something to fidget with and keep that nervous energy at bay.

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Akhila Jagan

The first product I picked are a pair of shoes from the Melissa brand. I came across this brand while walking in SoHo, New York. As teenagers, we buy small daily necessities such as clothing or shoes without considering or knowing the repercussions of buying them. Unfortunately, buying products from unsustainable fashion brands can do much harm to the environment. Melissa not only educates teens on cruelty involving major fashion brands, but also does not take part in it. Melissa, which is based in Brazil, is a vegan and cruelty-free brand, that makes their shoes out of recycled rubber. This brand is very innovative and promotes ethical buying, which is why I believe it is a must-have for 2022.

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The second product line I chose are menstrual products from the Get Rael brand. Menstrual products are unfortunately not as easily accessible as they should be, and usually not intended to be recycled, resulting in environmental damage. Pads and tampons from this brand use organic cotton. It also sells reusable pads, period panties and menstrual cups, which last a lot longer than cotton products. This helps reduce the stress on the environment and spreads awareness about menstruation to teenagers. Although I do feel that even this brand should improve its accessibility, perhaps promoting it for 2022 will encourage it to do so!

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Sarah Kapadia

Polaroid / disposable cameras 

Teens are all about the aesthetic, and these cameras provide the perfect option to capture that because they use Polaroid film. Being engrossed in technology and resisting the temptation to retake and edit photos in real time prevents us from staying in the present. With Disposable Polaroids, teens can capture the ideal picture by reducing the use of technology and getting  enough time to cherish the moment.

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Skin Care Products

Self-care and self-love is essential for any teenager, because of the drastic comparisons they have to deal with on social media. Skin care gives teens a natural glowing look, so they don’t need to hide their natural beauty with make-up. Skin-care products such as scrubs, face masks and creams ensure a healthy skin for the future, too! These help heal severe conditions such as acne which is very common in teens.

There are two skin care brands that teens use worldwide: 

  • Bubble What is interesting about this brand is that the ambassadors are teen icons themselves!